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    Side effect of social media on youths

    Social media is part of internet, which has both pros and cons. There many positive and negative effects on youths from social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, TumblR, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. Here I would like to put some important pros and cons of social media on youths.

    Pros of social media for youths: Through social media youths, basically students can easily interact with their teachers and other senior students. The gap between teacher and students became closer through social media. Students can easily get information from various sources on social media sites. There is no need to wait for newspapers, as through social media students can information immediately. Job seekers expose themselves through LinkedIn and Facebook like profile pages as 85% employers are looking LinkedIn profiles, 20% employers looking Facebook and 15% employers are searching Twitter profiles of their employees and job seekers.

    Cons of social media on youths: Spending excess time on social media like Facebook makes lethargic that causes less productivity in education and jobs. There are many cyber crimes occur through social media. In addition, many students are getting divert towards wrong or erroneous paths through illegal groups created on social media sites. Many girls are getting fainted due to fake profiles created on Facebook and YouTube by using their images through social media sites.
    Members please put some more information on side effects of social media on youths.
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    So far as positive effects are concerned, I would also like to state that various incidents which the mainstream media suppress, come to our notice through social media. For example, the widespread riot caused by the minority community at Deganga and Kaliachak in West Bengal came to our notice only due to social media. The mainstream media maintained absolute silence on these two incidents.
    Similarly, the killing of two young couples in broad daylight (in Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh) was brought to our notice by social media only. I raised a thread on honour killing on these incidents only two days before.

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    Thank you dear Partha Daa' for highlighting the issue of media, which are really suppressed and not telecast on TV are easily known through social media sites.
    @ Members, please put your valuable information and ideas on social media and its effect on youth.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    well there are huge side effects of social media now a day as earlier it was not there and because of that no problem was occurring like this. The biggest side effects of it is that the people who are following too much social media are ruining there personal life as they cannot match up there personal life with fantasy life. And I think that everyone must be careful from being addicted to social media as it is one of the problem which doesn't have any solution or medicine, so be careful and use it in a limit not excessively.
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    At the outset social media are not at all bad and only the way we use it matters. In many schools and colleges, the management is keeping tab on those students who are on line and thus concealing the presence in the eyes of college or school is different. Now a days whats app application clearly showing whether we are on line or not and that is enough for the management to take turf action against the person. Social media provides the International platform to glorify your success and forward looking thoughts and thus it must be used wisely and not for any illegal or unlawful activities.
    K Mohan
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    Internet-powered social media is just a tool which facilitates the process of interactions at unbelievably fast pace though the basic human nature remains the same. Even prior to the advent of social media, there were both kinds of students and youths. They used to waste their time differently in a slower manner by idling away and gossiping. Many used to assemble at pre-determined water holes in the evening for killing time often through vices. Many used to play cricket or such other games throughout the day and used to come back to the home only when hungry beyond control. Though internet resources were not available during those days but printed books were available containing titillating contents.

    Recently, I have come across a horrific news through media. A gang was nabbed in Agra which used to sell clippings of 'real rapes' to the students. It is better to leave the matter to the imagination of the criminals only as to whether such clippings were enacted as a drama or the crime was actually committed merely for getting some stuff to sell.

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    In my opinion, internet can give a person a complete success or a complete failure. Even though social media has its advantages, I don't think they are much when compared to disadvantages. So, I didn't create an account in none of the social networking sites. I don't even use Whats App. But, I may use social networking when it is necessary. Social networking, if properly used can be very helpful to us and to others too. Anyways, most people are using them to chat with friends for long time, playing games etc,. which is a complete waste of time.

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