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    Discuss your English check queries here - A parellel thread

    You all are aware that Indiastudychannel English check is 'ON'. This thread will be used by members who are in disagreement with the English check. Members can call the attention of the members by referring the title and response number and discuss the English issue politely without hurting each other.
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    This is with reference to your response #576257 in Partha's thread.

    As per your English correction, it should be:
    1. 'was traced to Gujrat' should be 'was traced from Gujrat"
    2. 'After 5 days he was traced to Surat' should be 'After five days, he was traced at/from Surat'

    - You are incorrect.

    1. The sentence 'was traced to Gujarat' written by Partha as per my knowledge is correct since the boy was located in the State of Gujarat. He was not from the State of Gujarat, but is a resident of the State of Maharashtra. Even if he was from the State of Gujarat, then too the sentence is right as the indication is that he was found there in that State.

    2. It is Gujarat and not Gujrat as per your spelling. Your spelling is incorrect.

    3. The sentence 'After 5 days he was traced to Surat' is also correct for the same reason as in #1 - he was located at Surat.

    Managing Editor,

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    I have already mentioned this in my original thread. The construction of these two sentences is correct in this case. Mr. Sun, you may also kindly note the correct spelling of Gujarat as mentioned by Ms. Vandana.
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    I agree that I typed Gujarat as Gujrat, a typo. About the two sentences, they are very new to me. I never used or heard the words 'traced to' . The word trace is always followed by the word from. It means that the boy was found from that place or found in that place.

    I have nothing else to say but to go with the author and the ME.

    A lesson learnt about 'Traced to". Thank you.

    Other learned members are welcome to post their opinion on 'traced to Gujarat',

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    While I am in agreement with the author that we need to accept our mistakes, I do strongly feel that one should endeavor to make corrections in English only if he is sure that that he is right. Making wrong suggestions will have negative results and is not acceptable though there may be justifications and clarifications. Members may please note this point.
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    Mr. Saji,
    Opinion might differ from person to person. Here, in this English query, you should have posted your opinion as to what is correct. This will double ensure the correctness of the English. We are in the process of learning. This thread is purely to deal with the query and to arrive at a firm decision, not to get advice or directives or instructions.

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