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    In Gopichand's badminton academy, chicken is compulsory!

    Gopichand's badminton academy in Hyderabad has been producing great Badminton players like Saina, Sindhu, Srikanth, Ashwini Ponappa, Jwala Gutta and several other promising players who are at present show-casing their talent at junior level and sub-junior level. The training regimen in the academy is really very tough. A player's day in the academy starts at around 4.30 a.m. everyday.

    To cope up with strict training regimen as well as the make the body fit for rigours associated with matches at international level, protein-rich diet is absolutely necessary. So, Gopichand has made chicken and other non-vegetarian food compulsory in the academy, despite vociferous protests from some of the players and their guardians. Now the players have accepted the dietary regimen of the academy.

    All of us know that protein is necessary to build up muscles and animal protein is more easy to digest than vegetable protein. So, I fully support the dietary regimen being followed at Gopichand's academy.

    I would like to know the views of other Members in this regard.
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    Well I do appreciate Gopichand and his Badminton Academy in Hyderabad which has been in the forefront to provide some of the best players of International repute but the conditional including of chicken in the diet of those taking training in the academy is not convincing. Surely if a vegetarian player wants to take training and excel, no one can stop him or her and by including compulsory chicken menu, it is forgoing the likes of the player and their past habits. Surely there must be alternative for chicken to compensate protein for the vegetarians and that must be included and not to force chicken on vegetarian players.
    K Mohan
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    There is no internet access at the academy and mobile phone calls are allowed on Sunday only. All the common areas of the premises are covered by CCTV surveillance. The academy has eight courts, a swimming pool, weight training room, cafeteria and rooms to sleep. Physiotherapy, food and diet programs are also available. The academy was constructed at a cost of Rs. 16.8 crores in the year 2008 and incidentally it was modeled after Bangalore's Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy. Recently, one unit has been started at Salem, Tamil Nadu also.
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    It is not necessary that high protein is found only chicken. High protein is also found in fish, tofu, beans, lentils, yogurt, seeds, etc. No doubt boiled or grilled chicken is highly benefited for sportspersons. However, there are many vegetarian diets where they can get more protein as well as they can get more stamina to perform better as compared to chicken diet. Some of the vegetarian food with high protein are: sprouted beans, peas and lentils (particularly soys), cooked lima beans, green peas, cooked corn and limas, kale, cooked broccoli raab, white mushroom, yellow sweet corn, artichokes, cooked spinach, cooked beet greens, arugula, bamboo shoots, etc. Therefore, as per my concern the compulsory chicken diet in the Gopichand academy is really awkward for the vegetarian players.
    Naresh Kumar
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    I personally feel that the protein available in fish is much better than the protein in meet, especially in red meat. However, the vegetable protein is more complex and it is not very easy to digest. Vegetable protein takes more time to work on the muscles of the body. So, animal protein is preferred.
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    Two days back, I read these in the news paper. In that academy, a player must run 3 rounds around the ground if he/she eats Biriyani, Fried Rice etc,. foods. Also, mobile phones are not allowed and there is no internet access. I think these two rules contribute to most of the best training routines. Coming to the point, chicken is the not the only food with high protein content. As far as I know, soya chunks (vegetarian) contain more protein content when compared to meat (non vegetarian). I don't understand why he preferred only chicken.

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    The catch phrase doing the rounds is that at Pullela Gopichand Academy 'one cannot chicken out from eating chicken'. Saina Nehwal and many others had not eaten meat before joining the academy, but Gopi was able to convince them and they slowly started eating chicken. Besides being a good source of supply of quality protein, chicken also ensures essential supply of vitamins and minerals. During strenuous training, the muscles get injured and eating chicken provide amino acids which help in repairing muscle tears.
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    Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth ate 1000 chicken nuggets at Beijing Olympics. If great people like Usain Bolt and Pullela Gopichand think that chicken is the best diet then there must be some reason behind it.

    India is mostly a vegetarian nation which might also be the reason why we don't have the stamina to compete at world stage.

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