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    Why ISCians lack interest in GA and GO contests?

    Dear fellow ISCian,
    The ME of ISCtakes lot of interest in organising GA (Guess the Author) contest. Similarly, I too take lot of interest in GO(Guess the Originator) contests for fun and entertainment . But I have observed that the members lack interest. In the recently concluded GO contest, only one member (ME) showed interest to post a good write-up. Rest of the members took rest.

    Why? What lacks and where it lacks? What could be the reason? What is the solution to make it more attractive? So that, members can pour in to participate with zeal and enthusiasm.

    Let us discuss.
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    Perhaps the main reason for the difference in the participation level of contests organized by the ME and the author of the thread is the difference in the status. The ME being head of the editorial team is empowered to announce prizes and awards in terms of the enhanced points and cash credits whereas the author of the thread can give only virtual gifts which doesn't attract many. There may be other reasons also but I have mentioned only the main reason.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well there is no necessity for the members to respond or participate in the contest announced by ISC itself. But being a contest announced by a member, others may not have the interest nor zeal to participate in such threads as there cannot be definite recognition, For example if Vandana or some editors initiate a GA or GO thread there would be much interest among the members to respond because it is official and accompanied with reward and recognition tag. You have also initiated a read the picture contest. The participants were less. Moreover the topic must be encouraging for whole some participation.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan and Mr. Kailash Kumar, I think the reason behind less participation is not what you said. Even when our managing editor conducted the Guess the Author contest, there were less participants. After the end of contest, a thread was raised by Mr. Sun to know the reason behind less participation. This is that thread. I didn't send a write up because I thought I couldn't write a good one in the time provided.

    Mr. Sun, I think the participation will increase if the time to submit a write up is increased and if there are options. Suppose 5 members submitted their write ups, give 7 to 10 options and ask the members to guess the 5 originators from those 7 to 10 members. That will make the contest easy.

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    Krishna (#576357)- Though I generally concur with your remarks but the 'Guess the Author' contest had a history which also affected lukewarm responses. Moreover, the ISCians, particularly the senior one, have developed their own image and identity which also affects participation.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Krishna has made a relevant point.

    Sun, I recall you quite often mentioned that my contests were ill-timed (on Sunday) and of limited duration in terms of receipt of entries. You did the same thing! You scheduled it for 15th August, a day when members would likely be participating in flag hosting ceremonies and/or spending quality time with their families and friends or just relaxing. Many will not have bothered to check out the forum, leave aside logging in to ISC. You also limited the time, asking for entries by midnight when, ideally, you could have kept it open till 12 noon at least of the next day so that those who took time off from ISC on Monday would for sure at least see the forum thread on Tuesday.

    I also feel that guessing writers is not really appealing enough, in the sense that only those who are regular forum participants would be somewhat interested in doing the guessing. As for sending an entry, that again would not be appealing if the topic was not something they would like to write on .

    Managing Editor,

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    I have mentioned my opinion in this regard on earlier occasions. I believe that very few Members of ISC have developed signature style of their own which can be easily identified by other Members.So, the contests on identification of authors are not very popular.
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