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    Search vacant houses, contact Agents, bring tenants get huge commission

    Kindly do not get confused with thread header this is not a promotion nor a sponsorship and not even a business offer.

    Staying in Bangalore since a long the trend I observed in the recent years which I want to share with my fellow members.

    Getting a house for rent of our likes is a herculean task in the silicon city of Bangalore, rents are skyrocketed and affordability is beyond one's capacity, some people taking advantage of the situation which may look typical but it is the happening.

    One of my friend is looking for a decent house for rent in a good locality in Bangalore the rent varies from Rs.14,000 to 16,000 for a 600 to 650 square feet house, he checked few houses and decided to decline many due to various reasons.

    One of his friend who is working in a nationalized bank as a fulltime employee accompanied him for checking all the houses, he had contact numbers of all such landlord / landlady, once the friend declined the offer of houses for few houses he brought tenants to those few houses and for the remaining he took the help of local real estate agents, once tenant occupies the house for few houses he took full commission of one month rent and for the remaining houses he took part of the commission from real estate agents.

    All those vacant houses were traced by my friend he is not even aware his close friend has brought tenants to those houses for which he took his friend's help.

    I don't say it is unethical or immoral just I want to share how one can do business and make money with others efforts.

    So what is the real definition of immoral and unethical activities?

    Many landlords do not entertain brokers to get tenants for their house because they have to shell out commission to brokers, for some vacant houses landlords even do not put 'To Let' board they approach their near and dears to find tenants for their house because of various risk factors.

    My friend's friend missed some houses because before discussion they want to know whether the tenant belongs some particular cast or whether they are non-vegetarians, few landlords are particular about this issue.

    So my friend's friend tried to locate tenants who belongs to his caste brought them as tenants by telling landlord as they are his relatives.

    My friend's friend is getting regular salary from his bank and more than his salary as commission from this kind of business almost regularly every month.

    There are several pages created in Face Book by community, religion, certain locality, the purpose of creating such pages is to air the problem they are facing in the locality but few use this page to advertise their vacant houses, first be a member to those pages, once your request is accepted by page administrator search for vacant houses advertised, go and check the details of the house with landlord, after a day or two again meet the landlord say some reason for declining the house offer tell them one of your relative is also looking for house, if landlord agrees then you are assured of your one month commission, this is the mindset and business tactics of few people.

    I would like to know other issues how people take advantage of others efforts in your city.
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    I appreciate the author for giving an idea on how to earn money by passing on the information of vacant flats and houses which are being given for rent. Normally the local agents would be roaming from one street to another and getting the information but if we have good friend circle and vacancy of any flat is known without even passing the information to real estate agents, it would fetch more money as rent. Any way in big cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad getting a right accommodation at the right place is problematic and the local real estate agents are only source.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It is a fact that business cannot be done without using others' efforts. But, using others' efforts without giving any credit to them is unethical and immoral. Anyways, I didn't come across any such incidents till now.

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    This is pure business. Nowadays, like in all other fields, the internet has penetrated this sector also. There are many websites which offer such services and many are doing great business also. However, apart from the internet resources, any enterprising individuals with the commitment to work hard with due diligence can earn money through the business of facilitating hiring and letting of houses.

    In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or Bangalore, where a number of industries and businesses are located, many persons come from other cities who require rented accommodation. So far, the scenario was most competitive in Mumbai where it was considered next to impossible to find a rented accommodation at an affordable cost.

    I don't see anything unethical or immoral in doing a business of any kind. That way, all the businesses are alike. Business means business. No friendship in any kind of business.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do not think your friend's friend did anything unethical. Had he cheated your friend so that he would get more income, it would have been a reason to feel taken for granted. In my opinion, he has just done what a normal being with a little business acumen would practically do. Since your friend has already declined the offers, how can he feel cheated or otherwise?

    Yes, your friend's friend should have shared the details of his business with your friend ( Oh my God, it has been a tongue twister kind of word). He should have kind of thanked him for the benefit he could get because of your friend.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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