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    Should cricket be banned in India to improve performance in Olympics?

    Indians are addicted to cricket, a game which is not played in the Olympics. We are investing and dissipating our resources and energy in cricket only. This has led to the diversion of attention of the Indian youths from all the others sports.

    Is cricket not a true sport? If it is a true sport the why it is not included in Olympics?

    Cricket players achieve celebrity status and become rich and wealthy with huge bungalows, a fleet of swanky cars, a contingent of bodyguards and a team providing secretarial services.

    Suppose the cricket game is banned in India. Then what will happen? The people will pay due attention to the other sports and performance of India in Olympics will improve.

    Should cricket be banned in India to improve performance in Olympics?
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    I strongly oppose the idea of the Author.

    Cricket is a true and a good team sport. Cricket is not included in the Olympics due to some reasons. Some of the reasons for not including cricket in Olympics are
    1. Generally the events conducted at the Olympics will get over in a shorter span of time but that is not the case in Cricket, even T20 matches will take more duration.
    2. Olympic is an International event where almost all the countries around the globe will participate. But Cricket is not a sport played by all the nations. Only some countries like England, Australia, India, West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have a craze for Cricket while other countries like Japan, China, Brazil, Germany and a lot more countries don't give much importance to Cricket.
    3. Moreover lot of facilities, arrangements are needed to conduct a Cricket tournament and the host nation should have a well-established Cricket Stadium to conduct cricket matches.

    Still lot more reasons are there for not including Cricket in Olympics.

    We all were happy when India won the World Cup. Now all of a sudden why Cricket should be banned? It all depends upon the individual interest towards a Sport. Many Cricket haters are also living in our country.

    All the sportsperson living in the world are developing their talents from the childhood. In India, lot of school level athletes are more spirited towards their game. But as they grow, both the state and the central government of India fail to provide proper facilities and recognition to them. If a sportsperson is from the upper middle class or high class society then they will join in any sports club and will develop their talent. But it is not easy for other group of society. If the Sports ministry of India provides good facilities, awareness and benefits for other sports, then all the hidden talents of India will come out and definitely they will prove their talent in Olympics.

    Yes! As you have mentioned the cricket players are rich with bungalows and cars. At the same time if a player wins a medal in Olympics, then our country is also providing lot of benefits and cash awards. Instead of giving cash awards after winning, if the sports authority of India have identified the talented persons and if they have provided proper facilities and training in prior then definitely India would have won many medals in Olympics this time.

    It is purely the responsibility of the Sports Authority of India to help the talented players in bringing out their performance. If our Government supports all the sports and the talented players then definitely we can see more shining stars in Cricket as well as in other sports.

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    Olympic is a global oriented event, where there are a lot of rules and regulations from selection to participation. However, Cricket can be played anywhere; if players were not selected for international then they can play for Ranji and other state events inside the country.
    Many events in Olympics are individual; whereas Cricket can't be played without a team.
    Cricket is a particular game; whereas Olympic is a congregation of several games and sports. There are few countries that used to play Cricket in Internationally. However in Olympics, more than 150 countries participate in different categories.
    Cricket became an inclination for most of the people in India; however Olympic is not. Those who're athletes and love sports/games and know the value of Olympic only focus in their category personally.
    Instead of thinking to ban cricket in India, we must speak why it is not a part of Olympic as football is.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Before I should reply to your thread's question, I would like to mention here that Cricket was not as crazy game as today before June 1983 in India. The raising of cricket in India actually happened when we defeated mighty West Indies in the cricket world cup final. Before that the Hockey had equally craze in Indian sports lovers heart. Those days, it was the Hockey or cricket where we could able to win some major events and make country proud. Slowly, the quality of Indian hockey gone down in international level and we started losing the game and the interest in people heart. A game can only generate the interest in people's mind when we start producing Heroes in that particular game. Which actually happened for Cricket, where we got so many big names. Not only that this is the only game which is actually able to win international game and bring some smile and happy moments to Indian people.

    So, the people's interest shifting toward cricket is because we know that we could win some big tournament even though it is played by 8 countries. Once we start wining the game of other sports like how the future of Badminton now looking bright. We got new star like Saina and now Sindhu, who continuously won the game for us from big names. I am sure this new interest will change the face of other sports in people's mind.

    So, banning cricket is not going to help or improve other sports until and unless we produce the Champion who can beat the world's best in other sports.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    I deliberately used the word 'banning' to provoke the thought process.
    Apparently, the cricket is acting as a slow poison weakening, rather debilitating, the normal interest of people as well as potential players in other games and sports. The media is further fuelling the fire because of associated TRP and hence advertisement revenue. The popularity of cricket in India is blurring the dividing line between the politics and the cricket.
    Remember personalities like SK Wankhede, Madhavrao Scindia, NKP Salve, Arun Jaitley, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Mohammad Azharuddin, Chetan Chauhan, Kirti Azad, Tejasvi Yadav and Sharad Pawar etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I will support the author's view. Cricket's craze in people's minds makes other sports players to turn towards cricket. If anyone is not getting name and fame in a particular game or sport, why should he turn towards that game or sport? We know that China is making its mark in every game that we didn't even know. But it is not giving stress on cricket. What could be the reason for it? TV channels most of the time cover only cricket because they are getting sufficient time for advertisements. But it is not possible for games. If TV channels don't broadcast other sports, people will not have any other option but to stick to cricket only. In my opinion, cricket should be banned at least for sometime and let us see how the results will be in other sports and games.

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    In what way cricket is concerned for the decimal performance of our sports persons at the Olympic. We have the firm set up of cricket board and the activities are based on International participation and agreements and therefore we cannot draw comparison of cricket with Olympic games. What may be suggested here that having experienced the worst every year, as India has been sending big contingent and getting nothing in return. So this game would be the eye opener for the government to brace up and start picking up right candidates for right discipline and we must prepare a formidable contingent for the Tokyo Olympics to be held in 2020.
    K Mohan
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    There are many reasons behind cricket not being included in Olympics. A major one is that the International Cricket Council has not submitted an application for the inclusion of cricket to International Olympics Committee. The president of International Olympics Committee once said that they would welcome an application for inclusion of cricket as it is a very popular sport etc,. The reasons for not submitting an application is mainly money. If cricket is included in Olympics, the money made from all the world events will go to the International Olympics Committee. As world cricket events are the major source of money for the International Cricket Council, they are not interested in submitting an application for the inclusion of cricket. And, I am sure that Indians will focus on other sports and our performance may improve in Olympics if cricket is banned.

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