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    What about Trending Topic of the Week (TTOW) contest in the forum section?

    Presently, we have TOW contests which are perhaps one of the most popular contests organized regularly as an ongoing process in the forum section of ISC.

    Suppose, in addition to that we have another contest known as the 'Trending Topic of the Week (TTOW)' contest. There may be a weekly announcement thread regarding the same and the contestant may post contents about the breaking news and topics becoming trending/viral. The author who breaks the news may get an advantage point for winning the contest though other parameters may also be there.

    Besides so many other advantages, such a scheme will enable the news correspondent type members to post content instantly and get a chance also to win the contest.
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    Well ISC is not a social media to highlight a trending topic hour by hour. Here the site has been designed to cater to the needs of the students and we are habituated to general information sharing and responding. In social media matters like film releases, actors gossip, unlawful activities, astonishing activities go viral and that would be trending. But at ISC the site does not allow the discussions already taking place in other media or social media and that warrants to violation of posting guidelines too. Therefore what I feel that Trending topic of the week for this site is not applicable.
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    I would not vote in favour of the contest based on trending topics. That would definitely bring up unusually higher number of potentially irrelevant content.

    Not that our members are into the habit of creating controversial discussions, however, with most of the content that goes viral dies not have much to discuss.

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    Generally, trending topics will be movies, sports etc,. Some members may not be aware of them and so they won't participate in discussion. Even if there are participants, there won't be much to discuss about movies, sports etc,. Case in point, a thread raised on Rio Olympics got only 60 responses in 15 days. Coming to the movies, every state has its movie stars. Members of one state may not be aware of the movie stars of the other states. In case the Hollywood movies are considered, many members may not be not aware of Hollywood movies, actors etc,. Suppose the trending topic is some news, we can't discuss it much. I mean, what can we do in addition to knowing information from a news item? It is less likely that a trending topic will generate a good discussion among members. So, I don't think the Trending Topic of the Week or TTOW contest will work.

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    Not a bad suggestion. But certainly not a good idea. Existing TOW is fit and fine. A TTOW may not work. TOW is good to spell and is really towing the members well. TTOW is very hard to spell and will be confusing the members.
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