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    How is Revenue Share Bonus given?

    Last month I received revenue share bonus for the first time. Then, I don't know what it is and asked a member about it. He said that Rs. 10,000 will be distributed to top 20 contributors of each month according to their contributions. And, the points earned from posting articles will be considered double. Recently, another member said that points earned from posting ask experts answers too will be considered double. So, I would like to know the exact procedure of awarding revenue share bonus. Knowledgeable members are requested to clarify my doubt.
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    Everything is explained in this thread, when the announcement was first made by Jose Sir: Introducing Monthly Revenue Sharing Bonus program.

    Points earned from responding to Ask Expert queries is not doubled. That was misinformation.

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    Generally, the resources section is understood to be the articles section only. Is it so? ME is requested to please elucidate as to what exactly it means by the resources section.
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    Resources and article section mean the same. The link given by ME clearly states that the points earned from the resources section is doubled for the sake of calculation of RSB. Please note that Ask Experts section does not get this benefit.
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    I wonder why points earned by content posting by content developers doesn't come under the purview of RSB. Does the work done by us not come under content posting?
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    What about posting educational resources like exam results, admissions, universities, schools, colleges, courses and general information etc.
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    Whichever content posted in articles section would be treated as carrying double value for the purpose of calculating RSB. As per the link posted by ME above, anything else apart from article section would have their face value in terms of points.

    If the content posted by you happens to be in any other section than the articles , the points will not be doubled. To make it clear to you, you may post the link to any contribution about which you are in doubt. Experts would be able to shed some light on the same.

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    My question is very simple - are resources and articles synonyms for the purpose of RSB?
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    Krishna, have your doubt been cleared? Can we have you back on stage?
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    As Chennai is Madras, Article is Resource. The erstwhile Resource section is present Article section.

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    Didn't I make it clear in my response #576381 that resource and article are same? I cannot see the exact nature of your question. It has been made clear that article and resource section are synonymous.

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    Everything is so simple. Earn points to earn money (here Revenue Share Bonus). Write regularly, explore all sections, participate in competitions and earn RSB. Let's not make it complicated.
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    My doubt about RSB is clarified now. The thread may be locked by the editors.

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