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    Unforgettable journey

    My family was very happy. My son had scored well in the Twelfth board exams and also he had scored good marks in his IIT entrance exams. We were looking forward to the day when we would take him to his college. And the day came and we were ready to travel to his college. It was my first trip to North India. I was very happy till we started from Delhi to his college. We were supposed to go to Saharanpur from Delhi. After calculating the distance my husband told we would be traveling for another four hours from Delhi by car. Little did we know that it would become the most adventurous journey in our life.
    Once we were out of Delhi everything around us was changing slowly. Even though we were on the highway , the condition of the roads were not good. Slowly houses and shops also disappeared. And the road went on stretching and the journey was a never ending one. Once it became dark outside we were uncomfortable and scared. With a new driver we were travelling on a road which had no signboards or street lights. As time passed by we realized that we were the only people travelling on that road.
    To make matters worse , the driver who seemed to be a very good man asked us to lock all the doors and not to open the windows till we reach our destination. At two or three places we were chased by men on motorbikes who were trying to stop the car. And finally after seven hours of travelling we reached our destination.
    The next morning we shared our experience with other parents who came to the college with their children. Most of them were shocked to hear our story. And we had learnt a lesson. While returning to Delhi we took a day train. Little did we know that trains going to Delhi never reach the station at the time they are supposed to reach the station. Again we started worrying as we had to reach the airport in time for our return journey. And finally we were relieved when we came to know that our flight was delayed by an hour. At last we relaxed in the airport and then reached home safely. And I made a decision that I would never ever travel to a place , especially in North India before finding out about the place from a known person who has been there earlier. The journey was the most adventurous journey in my life.
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    Saharanpur is located at a distance of approximately 170 kilometer from Delhi. It can be approached by Uttar Pradesh State Highway No. 57. The route is notorious for robbery and for other anti-social activities. It is not advisable to travel to this area by road at night especially for people who don't have any idea about this region.
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    Nowadays, it is possible to collect a lot of information about routes etc. through various internet resources by spending some time on the net. Moreover, while visiting a new place certain precautions should always be taken, the most important being to not to make a very tight program presuming that the journey will be completed ideally in time.

    Perhaps for visiting unknown places for the first time, a train is the safest mode as a number of passengers travel together. Even a public bus may be safer compared to the taxi. In trains, one can travel in various available classes depending upon one's budget and preference. However, the fact remains that there is always a degree of uncertainty in reaching the destination on dot while traveling through any mode of transport. Therefore for catching connecting flights or trains a margin of 4 to 6 hours should be kept.

    The journey inside the cities like Delhi itself takes quite some time, particularly during the peak hours. Besides collecting information through internet resources, practical information from an individual who is familiar with the area is also a must.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wow this is the typical example on how a common man goes through a ordeal if he does not know the place to which is going. In Tamil there is a saying " Yaadhum oorey yaavarum kaylir "that when we are going to a new place, we must inquire about that place. Now a days Google maps can show you the distance between one place to another and on the high way there are some good people who can guide you rightly. What I presume that the driver of the car being new and you are not aware of the place you are visiting, that confusion has gone to the favor of driver who happened to go though long route and thus reached the destination late..
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    You are very lucky as you managed to evade motorbike chases. I don't know anything about North Indian roads but as Mr. Partha Kansabanik said, the road in which you traveled seems to be notorious for robberies etc,. It is better not to travel during night time, especially when you don't know that area. And, it is a fact that many of the Indian trains won't complete the journey in time. Anyways, you learnt two important points from this journey. Hope you are using Google from then. By the way, such roads are present not only in North India but also in South India.

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