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    Horrible translation of Hindi in Tamil Nadu. Read this.

    We all know that the Hindi speaking people in Tamil Nadu is less and DMK which was ruling earlier was dead against imposing Hindi in that state. While going through social media message I stumbled upon a image in which the " Male changing room" was translated in Hindi as "Purush Badalney ka kaksh" Like wise for A/c waiting room, the translation in Hindi written as " Hum ko stithi Intezar kar rahe kamra" .. Now after reading this I split into laughter and want the Hindi knowing members of this site to help TN write correct translation for the above.
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    A/c waiting room ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~Vataankoolit pratikshaalaya
    Male changing room ~~~~~~~~~~ Purshon ka vastr badalane ka kamra

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    There have always been many funny incidences of translations from one language to another. Regarding the examples cited by the author of the thread, the correct Hindi translation may be as follows -

    1. Male changing room - 'Purushon ke kapde badalne ka kaksh' .
    2. A/c waiting room - 'Vatanukulit pratiksha kaksh'.

    There are few more examples of funny Hindi translations-
    1. Let's go out for a date - 'chalo khajur ke liye bahar chalte hain'.
    2. You are fired - 'tumhe aag laga di gayi hai'.
    3. Are you nuts? - 'kya tum moongphali ho'?
    4. Let's hang out -'chalo bahar latakte hain'.

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    1.Vaatanukoolit Pratiksha Kaksh

    2. Purushon ke liye vastra badalne ka kaksh

    Not that the suggestions by Gypsy are any bad. But government agencies are fond of the word Kaksh.

    By the way, the translation for male changing room is hilarious. Kudos to Mohan for bringing it to our notice.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    'Pratikshaalaya' is anytime better than 'Pratiksha Kaksh'.

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    Of course, Gypsy - in fact that would be perfectly chaste Hindi. But government offices always prefer kaksh.
    Even in Marathi and Konkani, Pratikshalaya is preferred.

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    'Aalay' literally means 'house' in Hindi whereas 'kaksh' means a chamber or a room. At railway stations etc. normally a room or 'kaksh' is earmarked as a waiting room, though practically the whole railway station premises, particularly the platforms become a 'pratiksha kshetra' (waiting area).
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wow! That was hilarious. Many a times, we can find something funny in translations from one language to another. When I go to temples of other states, I sometimes find that a three word English sentence is translated into three lines sentence in a regional language.

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    Thanks Mr. Mohan! I enjoyed the translations a lot. I also enjoyed the response of Mr. Kailash Kumar (#576422 ).
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    It is really funny and we got something to laugh on it, who understand Hindi properly. But it is also true that it will create a serious problem in emergency situation like if somebody wants to go toilet and if he cannot distinguish the meaning or the word properly then we know that it can create a really and insulting moment for an individual, so it is my advice for this state that they should not only learn but try to dissolve their mother language Hindi in their body and soul like a water, actually why people don't understand that Hindi is their mother language and all other language are second language and they should give their first priority to Hindi rather than focusing on other language fully.
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    In one of the hotel in Hyderabad it is written that " The water served in this hotel is passed by the owner " here he wants to say that the hotel is supplying pure water.
    K Mohan
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    One should appreciate the efforts of people of Tamilnadu who tried to use Hindi rather than criticizing the Hindi translation. I accept 'Male Changing room' as 'Purush Badalney ka Kamra' which is meaningful and can be well understood by a Hindi speaking guy. A dash in between Purush and Badalney (Purush - Badalney ka Kamra) is essential. Or it should be ' Badalne ka Kamra - Purush'. This can be read and understood by a Tamil who knows Hindi. Kamra is simple and better than Prathikshalaya or Kaksh .

    I don't understand the translation of A/C waiting room as ' Hum ko sthithi intezar kar rahe kamra'. I think Mohan has gone wrong.

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