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    Another possible/impossible story: Part-I

    This is in continuation of my earlier story: A possible/impossible story!

    Keran Sector, Jammu and Kashmir:
    Six months later.

    The border post was very quiet. For the last six months, no shelling had been experienced by the Charlie Company of 18 Grenadier who was manning the post. No firing had been witnessed across the border. Absolutely, no attempt of infiltration during the last six months. The KishenGanga river was flowing quietly. Gentle, cold breeze was blowing. Jackals were howling in the cold winter night.

    On that particular night, in the Signals tent of the post, a JCO was manning the equipments. Another young Lieutenant was lying on the floor and trying to write a letter to his girlfriend. Suddenly, the equipments became alive: The signals could catch some conversation which was going on between two parties – one in Kashmir and another in PoK. The JCO was in full alert. The young Lieutenant immediately came to attention and stood beside the JCO. It was an unexpected good occurrence-they accidentally caught the frequency in which the terrorists had been talking with their handlers inside Pakistan.

    The person on Indian side was frantically calling for money and more weapons. The Pakistani handler was assuring the same. The Lieutenant and his JCO listened to the conversation very intently, copied it and immediately went to the post commander to report. The post commander, an experienced Major, immediately understood the importance of the information and ordered the Lieutenant to send the copy of the intercepted conversation immediately to Brigade Headquarter, Divisional Headquarter, Corps Headquarter and Northern Command Headquarter by secure channel. He also ordered the Lieutenant to check the frequency from where the message had been sent. He himself talked to his CO and intimated the entire location from where the message was coming from Indian side.

    New Delhi, HQ Signals Regiment (near RR Hospital):
    One hour later.

    Col. Ranbir Singh of Army Signal Corps was working late. He was preparing an inventory of various equipments for which purchase order was required to be placed urgently. Suddenly, he received a call. The Lieutenant General was on the line. He was totally perplexed. Why was the Chief of Army Signal Corps calling him at such odd hour? He talked to the Signals Chief, who ordered him (Col. Singh) to meet him (the Lt. General) at Army HQ immediately.

    .........(To be continued)
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    Excellent beginning Partha, you are coming up as a good story teller. The layout and the formatting is also very good. Continue with your good work. You are putting your knowledge about the defence establishment to good use. Waiting eagerly for the concluding part. Hope you will clear the suspense very soon and not keep us waiting for one whole week as the TV serials used to do in yesteryears.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    The author has been kind enough to bring in the Defence preparedness in our country and we the normal people are totally unaware of it. The narration, and the telling were true to the best. My appreciation.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Once again a nice story Mr. Partha Kansabanik. Hope you will clear the suspense soon. Awaiting the next part.

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    Partha - You are a good story writer. Why don't you consider posting stories in the ISC resources as articles which are likely to fetch more points as well as cash credits.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #576521 : Although stories can also be posted in Articles section, I prefer to post these in Forum section. This is due to the fact that every creative writer including me wants his/her story to be read by maximum number of readers and to receive instant feedback. That is generally not possible in Articles section. So, despite the fact that posting in Forum section gives less point, I would prefer to post my stories in Forum section.
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