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    Seeking "Sexual Favour" is corruption now - will it be helpful?

    The Parliamentary Committee has come up with a new proposal. As per the proposal, seeking "sexual favour" for getting your work done will be equivalent to asking for a bribe. The violators can be penalised for the same under the same rule that deals with corruption cases.

    The new anti-corruption bill proposed "any kind of gratification except the legal remuneration" to be included in defining the offence by a public servant, thus bringing the demand for sexual favours in the purview of the offence. Hopefully, this will help a few hapless victims in approaching law enforcing agencies. The proposed bill also seeks to bring even the private sector into the ambit of anti-corruption laws.
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    Well most of the companies who wants to get their work done at the Ministry level would be offering the sexual favor to officers and Ministerial staff to expedite their file and eventually most of them are benefited with wine and women. This is not new thing in Indian politics. Good that new law is being created to punish those who seek sexual favors for getting a job done and that is treated as equivalent to corruption charges. But what I feel that sexual favors wont come to light unless and until affected persons reveal that and no woman shall reveal the same to others. This is fact.
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    Despite existing stringent laws regarding corruption e.g. the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 in its present form, it is rampant as in most of the cases complaints are not made. Generally, bribes are consensual in nature and only in few rare cases, complaints are made when the case go sour.

    The proposed amendments vide Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2013, is respect of bringing private companies also within the ambit of law which had so far been meant for the public servants only, is a welcome step provided the same is not misused by the law enforcing authorities.

    The skeptics are apprehending that the law enforcing authorities may go overboard in enforcing the law in the private sector.

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    I personally feel that seeking sexual favor is a bigger crime than seeking money. Seeking sexual favor is most prevalent in movie industry. Many popular actresses revealed that they are the victims of casting couch incidents after a long time from those incidents. On the other hand, there are some who want to do sexual favor. As giving bribe is also considered a crime, giving sexual favor must also be considered a crime. I appreciate the new anti corruption bill for considering 'seeking sexual favor' as corruption.

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    My view in this regard is to some extent different. it is no doubt that seeking sexual favour is an abominable act. But what about the ladies (or women) who use their sexual charm to get undue advantages? Can't it be categorised as corruption? I feel that this issue should also be discussed now. The time has come to discuss the matter in the open platform as this is becoming more frequent nowadays.
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