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    Do we need smart cities or smart laws?

    Why our visionary PM focus more on smart city where truth is when we have smart law indian inc will be much more efficient and we can develop our own smart city rather then begging for FDI.
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    Even smart implementation of the existing law is likely to serve the intended purpose. No Government has any magic wand to stop the growth of population which dilutes each and every effort made in a jiffy. The existing cities are becoming unmanageable because of the growing population only. The sewer lines are bursting at the seams and by the time a set of toilets are constructed under swachchhata mission type of programs, few more lakhs are added carving for more. The electricity being generated becomes insufficient and the roads become inadequate.

    Perhaps, all of us are living in a fools paradise. It is not being skeptic but realistic only. By the time new general elections are held after 5 years for selecting a new Government, several crores get added frustrating the whole efforts and developmental processes.

    Smart cities etc. are farce. Within few years only the residents will start stealing electricity using 'katia' (hook) connections.

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    Why the smart city concept was introduced ? Because the successive governments have failed to make balanced development across the country and some towns and cities remained undeveloped even after so many years of Independence. So Modi government has recognized the importance of smart cities and this 100 places were identified as smart cities in offing. What i strongly feel that once a smart city culture is inculcated, the laws will also change in accordance. For example the police would become very strict by cordoning of every street and search for trouble makers and book them. Many unlawful persons take shelter in small towns and the police would cordon off the entire town and then search for wanted persons in crimes. So what I mean to say here that once a Smart city proposal has been mooted , every department shall brace up and bring strict enforcement of laws and that will facilitate smooth function of government.
    K Mohan
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    The laws we have now are more than enough. They should be properly implemented for a better India. There should be smart cities. When talking about India, anyone should at least think of some places in their mind, right?

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    Laws already exist in Indian constituency and byelaws, those were being implemented departmentally. There are no more laws needed in India. India needs good citizens, production, education, and infrastructure. The mission of Modi is 100% perfect. Cities need to build and laws need to implement properly. There is a vast difference in between laws and cities. There is nothing means to compare and discuss these two terms when the projects are very well in India. Bhubaneswar is the first smart city in India among 20 followed by Pune and Jaipur to be implemented with lot of projects, infrastructures and planning with a cost of 50,802 crore INR.
    The smart city is a complete solution that includes water, electricity, sanitation, waste management, public transport, IT, e-governance, safety, etc.

    Naresh Kumar
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