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    Why people don't prefer to use Internet Explorer?

    Want to know browser preferences of Net users? Check out from this forum thread if there is anybody who still loves IE and prefers it over other browsers, namely Chrome, Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

    Internet Explorer was the first web browser invented in 1990. After the invention of Internet Explorer, many web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. came into existence in the Internet world. Overall the popularity gained by other web browsers is very high among the common people, when compared to the Internet Explorer. Many software companies till now preferred to use IE. Even though Internet Explorer is the only preferred web browser which is being used by many Software Companies, many software employees itself hate Internet Explorer. On an average other than the software companies, many people don't use Internet Explorer and they highly prefer to use other web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    Why do people hate Internet Explorer? What is your preferred web browser and why?

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    I have been using Chrome for quite some time now. When I started using Chrome, I found its interface better with more features and it was faster than the IE. Though there were some issues with the Chrome in the initial stages, it used to crash too often since I had not been using a genuine Antivirus. The issue of crashing of Chrome resolved on its own when I started using a genuine Antivirus. Since then I have not faced any problem with Chrome. Simultaneously, I have been using Mozilla too and have found it to be slower and have found it to have lesser features and not-so-friendly user interface as compared with Chrome. Moreover, Mozilla drains the battery of my Laptop faster than Chrome.

    Around 8 months back, I upgraded the windows 8 to windows 10. At that time, the computer engineer made Edge, the latest browser by Microsoft, the default browser. I worked with Edge for few days and found it to be even better than Chrome. It is faster and has a better user interface than Chrome. The only issue I had with Edge was that I could not resize the PDF files while printing . Normally I take printouts at 75% of the original size, but could not do so in Edge. Since it was costing me 33% more per print to print PDFs in Edge, I reverted back to Chrome for my main work for the time being.

    Since then I could not spare time to find out the way to reduce the size of PDFs for printing in Edge. The moment I come to know about that, I will start using Edge in place of Chrome.

    So, my first preference will be Edge, second will be Chrome & third will be Mozilla.

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    Internet Explorer (IE) attained the status of the most widely used web browsers in the year 2002/2003 when its usage reached about 95% . However, its usage share has declined with the launch of Firefox in the year 2004 and later Google Chrome in the year 2008. Other operating systems like Linux, iOS, Safari and Android also made a dent.

    As a matter of fact, most of the users are not much concerned about the technical aspects of the various web browsers. They come to know from other users through words of the mouth and follow the suit. Earlier, people were much concerned about the virus menace and used to be ready to do anything for getting rid of the same including changing the web browser.

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    That is the same question which I asked to my computer teacher a long back ago - I asked him that why people don't use Internet Explorer as it comes with operating system of Windows and it is fixed and inbuilt in version of windows. Then my sir answered me in a very casual manner and he said that people wants to have more facility in browser which IE doesn't provide while others like Chrome and Mozilla provides. I don't know but I heard that secondary software like Chrome and Mozilla are safer than IE. Is that true or it is a hoax?
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    Well, though I have IE and have upgraded it to the latest version 11, I have not used it even once. I have found not many computer users using it either. There are many reasons to it. The first and foremost, as long as my personal experience is concerned, is the slow speed of the browser is what keeps me away. Another issue that goes against it is the lack of high end features that other browsers provide you.

    Internet explorer has been quite slow. However, the latest versions IE 10 and 11 have been stated to be blazing faster. Maybe I will have to give it a try soon.

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    Well when we are getting good browsing experience with Chrome and Mozilla , why we must think about Internet Explorer as of now. But even today some cell phones are supported only with Internet explorer and it is having its presence.
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    In my opinion, the main reason behind people not using Internet Explorer is the user interface. The user interface in Google Chrome is better when compared to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is available only for Windows operating system whereas Google Chrome is available for multiple operating systems like Linux, Apple i etc,. Many people say that Internet Explorer is slow when compared to Google Chrome which is not always true. It depends on the hardware and software configurations of the computer in which the browser is being used etc,.

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