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    Is the lunch box concept vanishing from our schools?

    When I was a student, my mom used to get up early and cook the food for me so that I can eat it during the lunch time in my school. We used to go to school around 9-10 AM and used to return back around 4-5 PM. We had a lunch break of around one and half hours. After our lunch, we used to play for sometime. But nowadays, I observe that classes are starting around 7-8 AM and ending around 2-3 PM. Children are finding it difficult to get up early in the morning. Instead of taking lunch boxes, they are taking snacks items to fill their stomach. After coming from school, they are taking lunch at odd hours. Is the lunch box concept vanishing from our schools? or am I finding this phenomenon only in our locality? Why teachers leave children around 2-3 PM? Do they want to enjoy their life in the second half of the day?
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    Perhaps, the children can still carry lunch boxes because there is a difference of only 1 or 2 hours in proceeding for the schools. The mothers will have to get up early to prepare the tiffin of the choice of the children. I presume that many mothers may be doing also.

    Proper diet and nutrition to the children is a must. Generally, there is a growing tendency on the part of the all concerned to go for canteen culture of buying eatables at the school. No contractor of any canteen is likely to be able to provide proper nutritious and hygienic food to the students as he/she will have to earn a profit also besides catering to the needs of the principal, staff members and other ancillary staff of the schools.

    Apart from the proven system of mothers tiffin, the other alternatives may be serving of proper meals at school by the school management.

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    I wont agree with the author. In Hyderabad the children are being given two lunch boxes daily. One is the snacks and other is the normal lunch. The schools starts at 8.30 am and continues till 5 pm. The lunch bell is around 12 to 1 pm and after regular school hours of 3.30, the children are given time to take snacks for 10 minutes and then attend the special classes of the day. But I do agree that parents being the working persons themselves, they cannot provide hot lunch by cooking in the fore noon and thus children are forced to carry cooked food early morning and some times the food may get stale also. That is why government schools are provided with lunch in the afternoon. In fact the Telangana government with the help of ISCKON temple gesture, wants to feed the students of private schools too. But they are declining the offer. If that is done, then the lunch box culture wood vanish soon.
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    I don't think there are many schools which start at 7-8 AM and end at 2-3 PM. For primary students, schools start at around 9 AM and end at around 5 PM. For other students (especially in private institutions), schools start at around 8 AM and end at around 7 PM. So, students take two boxes, one for lunch and the other for snacks. Now a days, some schools are providing lunch and snacks to the students by adding that cost to the fees of the student. Anyways, I don't believe that lunch box culture will vanish anytime soon.

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    Maybe I am seeing such phenomenon only in my place. At my place, except Government schools, most of the private schools end by 3 PM.

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