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    Proper disposal of waste

    Today I wish to discuss about the garbage disposal at our home's. Most of them put all the waste in one dustbin it self. Actually that is not the correct way to dispose, HOPE WE ALL KNOW THAT. Its better we divide the waste into 3 parts i,e
    DRY WASTE:- which contains all the paper piece, plastic cover's, broken plastics, waste bottle's, metal piece, cracked glasses, rubber, thermocol or any stationery waste, the waste that is dried and will not smell even if you keep for many days till the DRY WASTE dustbin is full.
    WET WASTE:- which contains all vegetable waste, garden waste, the cooked food items which has to be thrown. WET WASTE is actually the waste that can be decomposed by us at home and reuse it as manure to our plants, instead we can even give the garbage collector also.
    SANITARY WASTE:- The name it self tells, all used medicated cotton, syringe, sanitary pads, diaper and all used medicine slips.
    By doing this practice we are even helping the garbage collector and as well keeping our city clean. Daily the garbage collector mentions about the proper garbage disposal in my area but very few people follow it. He says its very difficult for us to differentiate the garbage at last of so many houses so please divide and give. But still many don't follow.
    So what's your opinion about garbage disposal, whether its GOOD or BAD...
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    #gsadhiks Yes you are right but the people of India should understand this problems on their own and this will happen only if the people of India get education and enough education to understand the need of disposing waste into different kinds of waste dustbin like there are two types of dustbin one is biodegradable and other is non-biodegradable , because if we dispose our waste all in one then it will create a serious problem for the dust pickers to pick them safely, and can create a huge problem physically for the person who will pick the waste. So we should also think for the person who is cleaning our waste from our society, so that our society can look safe and tidy.
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    The situation is different in different cities e.g. in Mumbai though the rules provide that the garbage should be segregated but BMC has no treatment centers and therefore eventually the garbage is dumped at one place only. Segregation is meaningful only when there are processing units.
    At Bengaluru, disposal of waste at landfills has been stopped and the same is taken to the processing units though still only about 40% garbage is sent to the processing units. The state Government has set up seven state-of-the-art processing units at Bengaluru.
    Chennai only recently got its first waste-to-energy plant. Waste is still largely burnt though for collection, compactor vehicles are used.
    In India awareness has to be created for segregation of at least basic dry and wet waste segregation. Whatever little waste recycling is taking place in most of the cities is due to the rag pickers. There was a suggestion that the rag pickers should be made contract employees and they should be allotted a place to work for.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The Telangana Government which is hugely supporting the Swatch Bharath Abhyiyaan in the name of Swatch Telangana- Swatch Hyderabad has already given two sets of plastic buckets to all the house holds in the state to segregate the dry and the wet waste at the house level itself and dispose the same through the garbage collection van which comes early Morning. In Telugu it is called Thadi chettha and Podi chethha. Thadi Chethha means wet waste and Podi chethha means dry waste. As most of the homes are following this the success rate of cleanliness program has increased considerably.
    K Mohan
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    In many places, wastes are divided into two categories only - dry wastes and wet wastes. Even today, many people are throwing all the wastes on the side of roads etc,. The garbage collectors are doing a risky job i.e. exposed to all kinds of wastes. Studies proved that a person who works as a garbage collector is at more risk than a person who works in a nuclear reactor. So, we should do our best i.e. separate dry and wet wastes to help them. An awareness must be created in people, especially in the uneducated ones regarding this issue.

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    #576510 (Krishna) Yes now a day people are more bothered about cleaning their waste from their respective home and make them look clean and safe. But when they throw the waste they don't think about all these, they just throw the waste wherever they feel like, they are just thinking of themselves and not for the person whose duty is to pick that waste, sometimes a small syringe can take the life of the dust picker. So it becomes necessary for all the person to understand the importance of throwing waste into their own category.
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    Your suggestion is great but are we people have such patience to put the wastes by differentiating? As many of us throwing all wastage/Garbage only on road and not even in the garbage basket kept by the municipal/corporation people. we are all throwing everything outside even from our balcony of third...etc., floor by not caring whether the garbage falls on the garbage tin or passereby's head. I am following a friend of mine to even drop my busticket in the dust bin on road and not throwing as such on the road. If there is no dust bin, I keep the tickets into my packet and drop in the dustbin kept in my office room.
    Of course, your suggestion is followed in hospital /hospital rooms but even the attending nurses are not following the disposal method. Unless otherwise we have a sense of dropping all garbages into the dust bin not outside of the dustbin, no suggestions will get fulfilled. We should correct ourselves by one by one.

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    Thank you all for supporting. One point I agree with you all, is that most of them throw their waste on roadside or through balcony or next to the garbage basket which is kept by municipal people. I have observed that such type activities is done by educated people only. So we ourselves should understand about cleaning our city.

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