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    How many alphabets are there in your mother tongue?

    Want to know about the vowels and consonants in traditional Indian languages? Get a free learning tutorial from this unique forum thread to know the alphabets of the mother tongue of various Indians.

    English has a total of 26 alphabets in which 5 are vowels and the remaining 21 are consonants. Similarly, every language has its own alphabets.

    Let us know the details of alphabets pertaining to your mother tongue.
    1 .Language...........................
    2. Number of vowels..................
    3. Number of consonants..............
    4. Number of special alphabets............
    5. Total number of alphabets..............................
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    Language: Bengali
    Vowels:11 (earlier 12-use of vowel 'li' has been discontinued nowadays)
    Consonants:35 (in modern Bengali)
    Modifiers/special alphabets: 5 (Hasanta, Khandya-ta, Anushwar, Visarga, Chandrabindu)
    Total number of alphabets: 51 (11+35+5)

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    In Tamil Language we have Uyierezhuthhu- means soul letters called 12 vowels, and 18 Meyyezhutthu -body letters called Consonants. Apart from the Tamil also has one additional letter which no other language has , that is called Akdhu or akku and it is written as three dots in triangle form. Over all the Tamil language has totally 216 compound letters.
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    1 .Language: Odia
    2. Number of independent vowels: 14
    3. Number of dependent vowels: 4
    4. Number of consonants: 33
    5. Number of special alphabets: 2
    6. Number of ambiguities: 6
    7. Total number of alphabet: 51

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    Hindi is written in Devanagari script which has total forty seven primary characters out of which fourteen are vowels and thirty three are consonants. Incidentally, the Devanagari script is used for writing more than 120 languages. Some of such languages are Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Pali, Konkani, Bodo, Sindhi and Maithili.
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    1 Language Tamil
    2. Number of Vowels - 12 (A, Aa, E, Ee ...................................Au)
    3. Number of consonants - 18 (Ka, sa, da,, zh,ll)
    4. Number of special alphabet - 1 (Akh)
    5. Number of Vowel-consonants - (18x12) = 216 (Ka, Kaa, Ki, Kee, Ku, Koo...................lla, llaa,lle,llee)
    7 Total number of alphabets - 12+18+1+216+ = 247

    @ In addition to the above, Tamil has six special Sanskrit alphabets (Ha, Ja, Ss, Sh, Ksha,Sree) E.g. Hanuman,
    Jalam, Pusthakam, Pushpam, Laksham, Sridevi)

    If the alphabets are limited to only vowels and consonants, then the total number is only 12+ 1+ 18 = 31. ( It is next to English)

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    If we cluster two or more consonants together, the ligatures create; which are not alphabets according to the Indian Brahmic Scripts. It is because if we merge the letters we'll found 1444 (38 x 38) letters; which are not alphabets in Odia. They are called as 'Yuktakshar' or Ligature.
    So as per IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) there are 37 consonants 20 vowels and 10 numeric symbols in Indian Languages.

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    I have one related question. The English alphabets consist of 26 letters each having an uppercase and a lowercase form as follows -
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z.
    Is there any other language also which has its alphabets in two forms i.e. the uppercase and the lowercase.

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    I don't think there is any Indian language which is like English having capital letters and small letters. I don't know anything about other foreign languages like English with two different alphabets.
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    Should 'a' and 'aa' counted separately? As these two have same sound, so these should be counted as one vowel and not two vowels. So also 'e' and 'ee' as one vowel instead of two different vowels.

    Considering the above mentioned rule:

    Language - Telugu
    No of vowels - 8 (if the above rule is not applicable, then it is 16)
    No of consonants - 35
    No of special letters - 3 ('la' - not the one that comes after 'ya', 'ra', but this is a different one ). This special 'la' is pronounced the way Malayalis pronounce 'la' with the tongue inside touching the upper jaw.

    Letter 'O' is also used in Telugu language and is known as 'bandi sunna' or just 'sunna'.

    The other special letter is 'ra' (not the one that comes after 'ya') known as 'bandi ra'. But there is no much use of this letter in Telugu language. It is used very rarely.

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