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    A haunted house, beautiful but deserted bungalow.

    Horror was clear on every child's face, again the ball with which they were playing cricket fell on the terrace of that bungalow.
    It was a new ball for which everybody has collected and saved money from there pocket money since no one's parents used to give money for cricket and other games as they were already fed up of the daily demand of children and believed that their children are just wasting money by throwing and losing those balls everyday.
    Again back to the scene of the ground near haunted house. Instead of praising batsman for the wonderful shot everybody got angry for hitting the ball that far and that too to the bungalow.
    They all left the ground with sad faces and exhausted as they knew that they will not get any new ball tomorrow for playing cricket.
    But that day batsman Raghav felt very bad since he was made responsible and guilty for this. Everyone was warned before playing that no one will play a shot to that side but in the excitement he forgot that.
    Feeling guilty and sad he decided to bring a ball to play next day but since he could not afford to buy a new ball, he decided to go to the terrace of that bungalow to bring back that ball.
    Next day he invited everybody to the ground and told them that he will bring back that ball. But the problem was that there was a huge lock in the front door and there was no other way to get inside the bungalow.
    But some how he managed to reach the window below the terrace with the help of a big mango tree. Feeling fear inside but showing an expression of courage he somehow reached the terrace.
    Showing thumb from terrace to everyone as a sign that everything is fine but he felt like dying inside. Then suddenly a black cat with bright eyes came in front of him which almost gave him heart attack but he kept moving forward.
    The scene at the terrace made him surprised and shocked together. He called his friends from the ground to bring a bag above without any fear.
    His friend passed a bag from the same window he entered into the bungalow having some fear in his mind but didn't have the courage to go on the terrace and went back after passing that bag.
    Few minutes later everybody was waiting desperately with fear whether Raghav will return or not. When Raghav came with a big bag which was full of balls and shuttles, everybody asked him how he got all these?
    He said there was a witch who got impressed by his bravery and asked him to wish whatever he wants and that's how he got all those balls and shuttles. Some believed him while some did not. But after that day he became a hero for everyone.
    In reality, what he saw at the terrace was balls and shuttles everywhere and he understood that since nobody dared before to bring back whenever those balls fell on the terrace while playing, the same had got accumulated there.
    In the evening he asked his father the secret behind the haunted house. His father told him that it is not a haunted house. It was locked and sealed by a bank since the owner could not repay the loan he took from bank.
    That made Raghav to think about all the superstitions in our country for a moment, but next moment he thought to remain silent since he was already a hero among his friends and nothing else mattered for him.
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    If the children were bothering the elders, this story can be told to them for getting immediate sleep. Some children like this type of stories and I appreciate the author in this regard.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    An excellent story written by Ms. Joshi. She created good suspense in the beginning, continued it till the end and explained every odd thing logically concluding the story. Good work! Please continue writing such good stories in future.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    There is a provision of posting stories in the articles section also which generally yield better points as well as some cash credits also.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Although stories can also be posted in Articles section, I prefer to post it in Forum section. This is due to the fact that every creative writer wants his/her story to be read by maximum number of readers and to receive instant feedback. That is generally not possible in Article section. So, despite the fact that posting in Forum section gives less point, many creative writers of ISC would prefer to post their stories in Forum section.
    Of course, this is my personal opinion.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I liked this story very much. It gives a message that bravery is important and all superstitions must not be believed.

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    Thank you for your appriciation partha sir,K.Mohan sir and KrishnaTeja Yelurpriti this is my first attempt to write a story in ISC other than the compettition entry so your words really encouraged me to try to write more.
    And thank you to Kailash sir also for his advice but I agree with the point said by Partha Sir that forum are likely to get more audience than Article section and also it takes time for an article to publish and then there is a chance of being rejected so for the first attempt I thought forum to be better platform.

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