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    Olympic training for our prospective winners in future

    With the Olympic fervour reaching its peak and many questions arising as to why many medals were not gained in the Rio 2016 Olympics,let us discuss the most important topic-Olympic training.
    In India,sports are not really considered as a career and there are very few parents who really promote it to the extreme level,forcing a talented child to leave their dreams midway.
    Proper coaching,education of technique,goal oriented thinking and proper facilities can promote the fervour even more.
    Research work carried out in this area proposed training methods which develop an Olympian body since childhood when the body is very flexible and can be made very fit without the strain.
    Many coaches and parents wonder which training methods are safe and effective for kids. School-aged children often participate in athletics and sometimes scholarships are even on the line. Some of the most popular kinds of training for kids are traditional weight lifting, plyometrics, and Olympic weightlifting.

    Traditional resistance training methods, which are essentially basic weight lifting programs, are thought to be good for kids because of their proven track record. In addition, traditional weight lifting favors the development of lean muscle mass and strength. In theory, this effect would help child athletes perform better at their sport.
    The second group of exercises the researchers studied was plyometrics. Plyometric exercises are seen as closer to what an athlete actually experiences when competing. The basic idea with plyometrics is to develop power, and this end is achieved by mimicking reactions that occur normally in sports.
    The Olympic lifts are a hybrid version of traditional weight lifting and plyometrics.
    With such rigourous training taken seriously,we can surely bag many medals in many categories from our future generation.
    Members please share your views and opinions on this topic..
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    Yes proper training for the probable Olympic players must be started from now onward. It has been proved beyond doubt in the case of PV Sindhu that having a coach like Pullela Gopichand, she could excel and nearly got the Gold for our country. So this implies that if a dedicated and performing coach is available for every discipline then India can do wonders in the next Olympics 2020 at Tokyo. The Union Sports Ministry must brace up to tune every department of the sports and see that a good and formidable contingent is selected and prepared for the best game in the coming Olympics.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I don't know exactly but it appears that in winning medal countries extensive research has been carried out in the field and the human body itself is 'cultured' (developed) according to the specific requirement of the game concerned since the very beginning. Only learning and practicing skills and sharing tricks and tips by a foreign coach may not be sufficient when the goal it to achieve the best the human body can perform. Cheating tricks like taking steroids or other banned drugs may also not prove sufficient when the body has already taken shape and fully developed.

    Recently there was much discussion about players eating chicken at the Gopichand academy. As a matter of fact, while practicing badminton to its extreme, the shoulder muscles get torn internally which requires healing or repair. Certain amino acids present in the chicken facilitate quick repair of such invisible internal tears or injuries.

    Though there is no reservation quota in the selection of players, but the influence of factors like caste, region, language, gender age etc. also cannot be ruled out entirely in the Indian context. One of the most searched information on the internet was the caste of Sindhu when she won the medal.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree with the author. It is a fact that sports are not much encouraged in India. Even now, everybody wants athletes to get medals in the next Olympics but nobody is finding and training the potential athletes. The silver medalist P. V. Sindhu is awarded about Rs. 15 crore for winning a medal. What I say is that, government should spend money not after winning but before winning so that some more good players can be trained to represent India in Olympics. Abhinav Bindra who won a gold medal previously ended in 4th position in Rio Olympics. He is not even being cared now. Pathetic!

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    I also believe we need to develop a sporting culture at the childhood stage itself in our country. We need to have scouts who pick up promising athletes at the school level itself. These young athletes need to provided with scholarships (as an incentive for parents) and high class training facilities with decent hostels etc. to develop their potential skills. Maybe if this work can be handed over to the private sector with public aids we might just see more success.

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