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    There is a need of sports policy in India

    Being a 132 crore population country, our performance in Rio Olympic was not up to the mark. What are the reasons for the poor state of sports in India? There is much corruption and political domination in the sports in India.Real talents are dying due to their family's financial problems. How to find real talent and develop them is the prime question today before this country.To address these issues and implement some good measures there is a need of a good sports policy .suggest some good points for the sports policy of India.
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    The motto of Olympic is ' Citius, Altius, Fortius' in the Latin language which translates into English as 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'. Thus the human body functions at its best in the Olympics leaving nothing beyond that. Therefore the human body has to be developed in a nursery (like in a laboratory) to perform at its peak when the occasion demands.

    Our mindset is corrupted with caste and reservations like factors. Since very beginning, these two factors come in mind while planning for any career option. In India, sports are generally not chosen as a career option. The schools organize events and the students participate in the same primarily with the aim of getting a job under the sports quota in future.

    The sports are also taken as any other Government function and tender system functions with the funds getting leaked to so many beneficiaries.

    I think the PPP model should be tried in the field of sports also as a policy. Leaving it to the Government system alone is less likely to result in a tangible outcome. Only the bureaucrats are likely to get benefitted in such model at the cost of the hapless players.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In think some good sense is going to prevail as during the felicitation ceremony to PV Sindhu at Gachibowli stadium during civic reception the IT Minister of Telangana K T Rama Rao said that soon sports policy would be introduced by the Telangana government and that would be the start up to think in that direction by other states to emulate. Moreover the government must also concentrate on permanent coach for each discipline in sports and that would go a long way to train the prospective sports personalities for the future Olympics and immediate task would be to aim for at least 10 medals in Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
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    Yes, there is a need for sports policy. The population of United States of America is around 32 crore whereas the population of India is around 132 crore i.e. a 100 crore domination. But, United States of America won 121 medals (46 Gold & 37 Silver & 38 Bronze) in Rio Olympics whereas India won 2 medals (1 Silver & 1 Bronze) in Rio Olympics. And, we are celebrating for those two medals. First of all, every school must involve one sport for a student as mandatory. The champions at college levels must be given proper training. Finally, the best players must be selected and should be given Olympic level training. Above all, parents must be encouraging. Nobody know who is P. V. Sindhu till she qualified for finals. Nobody is caring about Abhinav Bindra who completed in 4th place this time. That is the situation in India. If at least some of these are done, India may win some more medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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