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    Some interesting anecdotes from the life of a great revolutionary

    Anecdote No. 1:

    The British Police Officer reached Shimla from Delhi to join the investigation. The roads were full of policemen. Indian civilians couldn't be seen on the road. People were afraid to come out-after all the assassination attempt on the Viceroy of India was unprecedented. The Officer reached the Secretariat area. A very fair, strongly-built Indian was delivering a speech before the Govt. employees in chaste Punjabi and Hindi condemning the assassination attempt on the Viceroy. The Police Officer felt very proud. He was impressed by the oratorical skill and the obedience to the British shown by that Indian. He started considering employing that man as an informer to the Government.
    The British Officer got a shock of his life after a couple of days when he came to know that the particular Indian had been the main conspirator in the assassination bid on the Viceroy.

    Anecdote No. 2:

    Legendary Police Commissioner of Calcutta, Charles Tegart got the information from the most reliable source. He got the building surrounded by more than three hundred armed policemen in all directions. He himself entered the building along with his most trusted Officers. He could capture around ten revolutionaries-but the most wanted person was not there. He came downstairs and asked every Officer and Constable if they saw anybody leaving the house. A British Officer posted at the backyard of the house stated that only a 'dirty black niggar' left with a bucket of human waste!
    Tegart, till his last day on the earth, could not find out how an extraordinarily fair Bengali could change himself as a 'dirty, black sweeper' within a few minutes.

    Mahabiplabi Rashbehari Bose could never be captured by the British. The award of one lakh rupees announced in 1912 remained unclaimed till 21st January, 1945, the day when this great revolutionary left this world in Japan.
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    Nice anecdotes Mr. Partha Kansabanik. The first one shows that how talented Indians are.

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