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    A salute to our Olympian team..

    From the hockey pitch to the badminton and tennis courts, from wrestling to archery and shooting, it was quite a fight pit up by our Olympian team this time.
    Carrying the hopes of 1.2 billion, India sent the largest ever Olympic team to Rio 2016.
    Even thought many medals could not be won,I would like to appreciate their hard work as even qualifying for the Olympics is very difficult.Nonetheless,here is my appreciation for our team in my own style.

    Starting with the nation's hopes on them
    Quivering with the strength of the emblem
    Rio de Janerio here comes our team at hem
    With more than a hundred men and women
    Fighting for their sport be it tennis or hockey
    Wrestling or badminton and now archery
    Some fought till the last while Some could not make it big
    Victory was very sweet
    And loss was a lesson
    It was not so easy to reach that height
    Obstacles and speculation after every fight
    They retuned home with grace
    Gaining even more respect and might
    With women power coming to the fore
    Playing hard as it was their right
    Sindhu and Malik made it till the end
    Etched their names in history and became legend
    The rest will follow suit in the next Olympic fight
    And bring back what they had lost that night
    Be assured dear Olympians
    Your passion was not hidden
    Your sheer hard work and struggle
    Is what we can never forget
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    Qualifying for the Olympics is indeed very challenging as apart from having the skills of the game the players have to negotiate so many other hurdles also. The author's spirit has to be appreciated for her ode to the performers and achievers at the Rio Olympics.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In my opinion, the athletes who couldn't get a medal should not be blamed but all the other people should be. Almost no one encourages sports in India. Then, how can we win medals? I am sure that P. V. Sindhu will be forgotten if she cannot win a medal next time. Anyways, the author must be appreciated for her poem on appreciating the athletes who won medals and they truly deserve it.

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