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    Thank you, thank you, thank you......just one too many in our forum!

    There is an increasing trend in the forum of members needlessly putting in a one line thank you response. For what? To gain one or two extra points? Should we not curb this tendency to give totally pointless thanks?

    It goes somewhat like this:
    Thank you XYZ! That was a good point you made.
    Thank you KLM. You gave a good response.
    Oh, that was a great response DTR! Thank you.
    Thank you BNM. I enjoyed your response.

    Some responses even have sentences like "The author of the thread must be appreciated for coming up with this topic. It is a good topic to discuss. Thanks". It is all very well to express appreciation, but then at least give your own views too on that topic.

    Giving thanks to somebody who gave you guidance is a different matter or for congratulatory wishes on reaching a milestone or receiving an award. That is basic courtesy and fine to express. Empty thanks and vague appreciative statements on the other hand are downright irritating if I may say so. Please may I humbly request members to stop this increasingly alarming trend of empty gestures?
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    Thank you Ms. Vandana for alerting the Members. I will definitely try to keep the advice in mind. I will try to post my honest views on the threads.
    So far as this particular thread is concerned, I feel that this is an extremely relevant and apt thread. If Members follow the instructions given in this thread, the discussions will be more lively.

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    I never post any thanks message. If at all I wish to thank the members, I would thank them at the end with consolidated thanks for all. Anyway, your good advice will be kept in mind for the future use of 'No thanks'.

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    If we raise a post and a member responds to it and seeks additional information , we can always respond with details. Other wise one can always respond by mentioning all name in one thread for good response.
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    Well, I din't post any response with only a thank you message. I didn't see any such response either. Anyways, the members who post such responses will stop doing it from now.

    Request to the Forum Editors : The icon given for this thread and the content of this thread do not match. So, please change it.

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    The icon is just fine. Even though it a complaint-suggestion from me, isn't there a humorous side to it too? Besides, the ME does have plenty of funny bones you know!!

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