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    What is the national sport of India? is it Hockey?

    Dear Members,

    Many Indians believe that Hockey is the national sport of India. Recently an RTI (Right to information) has been filed with government of India seeking the information whether hockey is the national sport of India. In response to the RTI, the government of India have rejected and informed that "Hockey is not at all the national sport of India".

    Yes, it is true that,hockey is not national sport of India. Infact I believe there no national sport of India which is declared by government.

    However India dominated in the hockey in 1970's winning 8 olympic gold medals and also won the hockey world cup in 1975. After that the performance of Indian hockey team has declined. India did not even qualified for the 2008 Olympics and were the last team in 2012 olympics.

    I would like the members to suggest that what should be the national sport India?
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    No, the national sport of India is Kabadi.
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    Indians called Hockey as national sport just because we were the undisputed kings of hockey for some decades. The performance of Hockey by Indians is declined from 1980's and the cricket world cup win in 1983 generated interest for Cricket in Indians. These days, many Indians are crazy for cricket. I think that the sport in which we excel at the international level will be considered as the national sport of India.

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