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    Necessity of regular nail cutting in hands and legs

    The nail in the fingers of our hands and legs are growing daily to certain level and we should keep our nails well cutting regularly, as told by our elders and stressed by doctors recently. According to science, the nail in human body normally grows one inch in twenty five days.

    The gaps of nail and flesh in fingers used to get filled with some dust from any source and the dust is very much harmful to our body if we swallow the same along with our food. Onychomychosis, a type of fungel infection will develop in some persons' cases and the same is contagious even through the nail cutter to others. Some worms like 'pinworm' would develop in the gaps of nail and flesh in many cases and results to further disease to humans.

    The regular cutting of nails in fingers are said to be a must to every human. For children and old aged persons, the able persons should do regularly to avoid further diseases in them. We are seeing many old persons left their nails in hands and legs as it is due to inability or laziness. In cases of children it helps further from their nail biting. If we do not cut their nails regularly and blame them for nail biting , it is just a waste. If the children do not show the fingers for nail cutting, the parents should do for them with much care while they are sleeping.

    A person usually doing social service to public based Karnataka state, regularly visits all Old age homes and do cut the nails of old age people as a service. Though we do not do such service, atleast we could do for our house elders and children besides ourselves.
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    You are right Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman. Nails are made up of dead skin cells. The best way to take care of nails is to trim them regularly. Otherwise, they may lead to infections. Also, long nails can cause severe pain if broken. Till I'm 15, my father used to cut my nails every two weeks. But I don't think there will be a need to cut the nails while sleeping. Children can be forced to do small things like this by scolding etc,. I appreciate the person who cuts the finger nails of old persons for their good.

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