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    Why Indian politicians wear white dress?

    Have you ever given a thought to this question 'why most of the Indian politicians wear white dress'?

    Actually white is a symbol of purity. So what's your opinion on this?
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    We all know that every politician is corrupt and as soon as he is elected by the voters, he will first plan to make as much money as possible to compensate the funding he has done during election. But Netas behave as if they are very Gandhian in life and by sporting white dress they try to convey the same to the people that they are sincere towards work and they can trust him. White is the symbol of silence , grace , freedom and above all equality. So politicians wants to convey the same through their white dress code. But some parties wear their parties color as their dress code and Chandrababu Naidu can be referred for this.
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    So that one can talk white lies with utmost purity and make public fool.
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    1. Since politicians have to change their color like a chameleon, the white color suits the best as any color or shade can be easily imparted to white color.
    2. Basically during the pre-independence period focus was on the khadi (homespun cloth) as a part of the 'swadeshi' movement. It was easy to produce white khadi as then only spinning the thread from cotton and weaving the same on a handloom was required avoiding the non-essential process of coloring the same too. Thus white khadi became a symbolism and continued even after independence. Nehru had switched over to suits and sherwanis after independence.
    3. Many women politician avoid wearing white sarees as wearing plain white is considered a sign of widowhood. J Jayalalithaa is mostly seen wearing strong colors like blue and green. DMK leader, Kanimozhi is always seen dressed in bright attires.
    4. Nowadays the people want to see politicians 'untarnished' in their actions and not in their clothes.

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    White is the color of transparency & dignity. Since Indian independence movement, there was a custom by Indian freedom fighters like Gandhi and other political leaders to boycott foreign clothes and adopt Khadi clothes. Khadi is particular means to hand knitted homespun white clothe. Later it became a trend for political leaders to wear white Khadi and Gandhi cap. The white cap (Gandhi cap) first emerged by Gandhi during 1918 to 1921; later it became a standard dress code of all Congress people. Gandhi cap with khadi is still a custom in rural areas of Maharashtra. So, white dress with cap is just a custom for Congress leader's that was adopted by other political parties in India with different colors and styles. BJP people used to wear saffron clothes and communist party uses orange with green colors, etc.
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    An ideal politician must be pure minded, dignified etc,. Such qualities are represented by the color white. So, politicians started wearing white clothes. These days, it is almost possible to find an ideal politician but the dress trend is still continuing.

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