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    Present day situation of a city never changed since 90 years

    I read in a weekly magazine, one note from a book 'Ananda Guna Bhodini' (Tamil) issue of November 1926 about the Chennai scenery. That note expressed that the Chennai city is awaking in the early morning in the face of dustbin cart and cleaning persons till 9.00 am. By 9.00 rushing officials . Then the accidents by Jatka riksha, coach, tram etc., Besides these scenes there are pickpockets in the area of Highcourts diede and railway stations. Evening grouping in hotels and coffee clubs. Cheating in the platform shops etc., -----These are all written in the books of that period about Chennai by S.G.Ramaanujulu Naidu, magazine person of those period.
    But the scene is same today also with a polished view only. I am not particular about
    Chennai but many cities are like this only, never changed since 90 years passed but with some slight changes according to the scientific development.

    Similarly my father, uncles used to tell us that they have gone 4 to 5 kilometers for schools by walk, they studied in street lights only. But I wonder the same thing is prevailing today also as our children are going to schools at a distance of more than 5 kilometers daily. Our children also studying in oil lamps as frequent current failure. The situation is the same but with slight changes.
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    What I feel in big metro cities, there would be wrong doers strolling on the roads and look for opportunities and ways to cheat the gullible people. In Hyderabad the auto fellows are known for cheating. If you do not know the route and comes to the city for first time , then the auto fellow would play with you and charge hefty even for small distance by going round in wrong direction and coming to same place stated by you which is very close by. One of my friend wants to go to Nampally Railway station from Abids which was hardly walking distance or one km in distance. But the auto fellow took him up to Afzalgunj area and then returned to Nampally via exhibition ground. Being new he has not consulted any body and trusted the auto fellow. Thus he has to shell down 200 rupees for a distance of just one km. Like wise Chennai also not changed and the old habits of people wont die.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Ninety years back, Britishers committed crimes against us. Now, we are committing crimes against ourselves. There are many people who search for the people who can be cheated. The incident happened to Mr. Mohan's friend happened to me too when I lived in Hyderabad some years back. There is a change in the method of doing a thing (technological advancement etc,.) but not in the thing. I mean, students are travelling kilometers to go to school but by bus etc,. and cheaters are cheating other people but by using phones etc,.

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    When I'm in class-V I used to go on walk 3 km to my school. There was no road at that time; I always prefer footpaths through agriculture lands. After 5 years there's a new school initiated in my village, which later became a high school also. Now, the roads were broaden, there is complete electrification and water supply, community health centre with two specialities 24/7, a library, park, and many more amenities constructed within 10 years. There is a vast changing in our society and mindset too. Students now prefer to go for higher studies, which was not at that time. Earlier, students are happy with matriculation or intermediate and getting engaged with job or business or agriculture immediately after finishing the education. They get marry at an early ages; however nowadays students are looking for good job, good establishments and many more things before their marriage.

    However, in cities the situation is far different if we consider the industries, companies, officers, buildings, police patrolling (earlier there was less police due to less crime), hospitals, cafes, restaurants, malls, etc. I think the little ones grown up now in cities; for example, small shops to big malls, small hotels to big restaurants/cafes, cinema halls to multiplexes, a common hospital to super specialists, etc.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Much water has flown in the Ganges since then. However, one thing remained unchanged and perhaps will remain so in the future also which is the human nature. Basic instincts like greed, laziness, criminal attitudes of few unscrupulous elements etc. remained same though with the increase in population and advent of newer technology products, the ways and means have changed. There used to be crimes like murders, thefts and robberies etc. in the past also during the British period as well as during the Mughal periods.

    Moreover, such human attitudes exist everywhere in all parts of the world irrespective to their GDP or development index.

    The situation in cities has changed much since last 100 years particularly after the advent of the computers and the internet. Nowadays it is possible to complete a degree even without visiting the campus through online mode. Students are able to interact with their teachers through WhatsApp messages for learning purposes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #576642, you are correct that we have been cheated by British and our own people cheating us to day. But the thing is we cannot tolerate/digest when we are cheated or commented by our own people rather than by others. This is the thing happening today. British people did some good things also but our own people do not develop the same further according to the development of years.

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