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    What is meant by twenty four by seven i.e. 24x7 or 24/7?

    'Twenty four by seven' means 'twenty four hours a day, seven days a week' that means at anytime. It is written as 24/7 or 24x7. Basically when a service is being provided throughout the week, it is mentioned as 24/7. In British people says, round-the-clock services. The word first used in 1983 by a US sports magazine.

    Ex: 'You can visit our clinic 24/7' means 'you can visit our clinic at any time in a week'.
    'Our system works 24X7' means 'our system works all time'.

    Members please put some more information regarding this and let us know whether both the words 24x7 and 24/7 have same meaning?
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    Normally any office or organization works for certain hours in a day and for some days only in a week. But there are special places like hospitals , travel agencies, and clinics. the working of the same would be daily without any break or holidays. So that is referred as 24x7 or 24/7.
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    In one day there are 24 hours and in one week there are 7 days, so it means that an organisation or firm or anything like is open full day and night in a week, initially it means that it is open every second. 24 (hours) x 7(days).
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    Normally the term 24/7 is used which is spoken as 'twenty-four seven'. Sometimes the terms 24/7/52 or 24/7/365 are also used by adding 52 for the number of weeks and 365 for the number of days in a year.

    The term 24X7 is spoken as 'twenty-four by seven'. However, the symbol 'X' between '24' and '7' seems irrelevant as actually no multiplication is involved. In the standard dictionaries also the term '24X7' is more frequently listed and defined to mean ' twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week '.

    Incidentally, during the period when the phrase 'the empire on which the sun never sets' was in vogue, this term didn't exist.

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    Well, I think 24/7 is more appropriate. We can read it as 24 hours or 7 days which means a complete day or a complete week. I think 24/7 is introduced as 24 itself cannot be understood as the same.

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    24/7 is a service that is available anytime and any day. It is spoken as Twenty Four Seven. It indicates the service that is available twenty-four hours a day and all through seven days a week. The other equivalent usages to this word are Round-the-clock service or Non stop service.
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