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    Why India got very less medal in Rio Olympic 2016?

    In Rio Olympic 2016 India got very less medal. what was reason behind that the India got only 1 silver medal and two bronze medal?
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    This question has appeared elsewhere in this forum and the stock reply from every one that India was not braced up for such a high profile International events and we always decide the selection in last minute and the contingents sent without proper training and awareness . When other countries are having the Olympians doing daily practice, we the Indians have the habit of thinking of about practice only on the eve of the Olympic games. At least now the Modi government must wake up and draw a detailed sports policy to streamline the activities of how to select eligible candidates for next Olympics and whom to appoint as best coach.
    K Mohan
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    Less the population more the medals,
    More the population less the medals.

    I really wondered to see very small nations winning a gold. Alas! a land second in population could not get a single gold in hand. In last Olympics, India was proud of having 6 medals (silver and bronze only) to her credit. In this Rio Olympics, it got reduced to two. What would happen in Japan Olympics in 2020? Will we retain one silver and one bronze, or we will be sized to zero with no medals?

    Modi government failed to ensure a gold. If our Indian sports minister cannot remember the names of his own country's leading participants, and if our Indian Embassy can provide only the peanut to our players, how can we expect our players to perform well to fetch medals.

    Let us now be satisfied with what we got. Our Goverment should start preparing our players for the next Olympics in Japan.

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    Professionals do for themselves, not for the country or others.

    New comers and learners always look for their seniors, trainers and managers; but they've an intention to achieve for their own country.

    Take example of Brazil. They don't play for the Olympic; they play for themselves as football is in their blood and they can do anything to achieve that. They think Olympic without football is insignificant. They prioritize football more than Olympic. The medals are nothing for them when they've decided to win the game. Such spirit must be perceived by our athletes and sportspersons to win any game or medal.

    Naresh Kumar
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    In my opinion, India didn't get none other than a bronze and a sliver medal because sports are not encouraged in India. Everyone wants their children to study and get a job because its the safest way to lead a life. Even M. S. Dhoni was not encouraged to pursue a career in cricket (M. S. Dhoni : The Untold Story). And, athletes will be forgotten easily. How many Indians know P. V. Sindhu and Sakshi Malik before they won medals in Olympics? How many Indians remember Abhinav Bindra? There are talented athletes in India who can do wonders if properly trained.

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    The school and college culture are also to be blamed here. They must also concentrate in producing good sports person for our country. But most of the professional school and colleges wants to excel in studies and nothing else. Even parents are not allowing the children to have some sort of training in field or the other sports. That will inculcate a interest in children. But there seems to be some positive signals coming from the mouth of IT Minister in Telangana K T Rama Rao who assured Sindhu that a sports policy would be brought soon and she can make her suggestion to the government for future course of action in winning more Olympic medals in future.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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