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    Is it right to burn edible things on the name of offering to God or Goddess?

    While performing rituals, the purohit/poojari/priest burns a lot of varieties of food items on the name of offering to God or goddess. The chief edible items that get burnt are - Ghee, butter, Navadhanyam( 9 types of cereals and grains) coconut, lemon, fruits, cooked rice, spices etc. Even they burn the clothes and coins while performing Poojas. It is only the Hindus who perform such wasteful acts. Such things cannot be consumed or used. The smoke created during homom pollutes the atmosphere and affects our eyes. Yet people tolerate it with a belief that it is the God gift.

    Members, Is it right? Does it help? If it helps, how? Are we not wasting our food grains that took long to grow? Is it not a sin? Do you justify this act? Why they don't offer currency notes to the God through the fire, why only coin?

    Members, Kindly post your frank views and comments.
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    As per the Hindu mythology, our goods and sins are actually being noted by in our Karma. If we donate something from our heart to the Pancha Tatvas (Five Elements) of this creation earth, water, fire, air and space some of our sins will diminished. Agni (fire) is very powerful and it is related to air and space. If we put pure cow ghee in fire, it purifies the oxygen and helps environment in controlling pollution and more growth of plants. When we burn ghee in Yajnas it gives ample energy and mental peace to us.
    Nowadays, people are celebrating their birthdays by lighting the candle and quenching it with claps; which is actually a kind of sin in Hinduism. We must learn the habit of lighting ghee diyas or lamps instead of quenching the candles.
    There are several activities performed during Yajnas and Hindu rituals, which we do follows since ages form our ancestors, gurus and saints. Some reasons are known and some unknown to us.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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