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    Lady conductor issues bus tickets by carrying her baby on the shoulder

    For the first time in my life I saw a image where in a lady conductor is seen issuing tickets to the bus passengers by carrying her baby on the shoulder and doing the multi tasking. In modern days husband and wife are both earning members and they wont have any body at home to look after the child and the onus fells on the mother and she has to adjust with work and rearing the child. What is your opinion on this. Should the bus depots have baby care center to look after the babies till the mother returns from the duty ?
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    The lady conductor must be a duty conscious person and a caring mother, and her child must be sick that cannot be left at home or elsewhere. She might not have her leave granted owing to shortage of conductors. The transport authority or the owner of the bus might have given her permission to carry her baby along. We need to look at the situation.

    Now I am imagining a lady driver having her baby on her lap and driving the bus.

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    This is really a very hard job for the mother to look after her baby and at the same time she had to look after his job also, which gives her and her baby some food, this is really a proud moment for the child because who get this kind of rearing where mother work hard and as well as look after the child, she is definitely a strong mother who knows how to handle this type of situation with courageously. and at the last yes the bus depots should have baby care centre, so that it become some relief for the mother conductor who have small children.
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    Mr Mohan, anticipating a remark from your side that I am trying to discourage you, let me ask you the source of this news you have reported. I am just finding it difficult to digest a scene where a lady conductor carries her baby while discharging her duties in a crowded bus on the Indian roads. There may be other factors which you might have missed and need to have been brought to light for a better idea of the whole issue. Let us ensure clarity while raising threads instead of blindly following some messages forwarded though different mediums.
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    Officially, such cases cannot be allowed as per service rules and conditions though practically on a humanitarian ground sometimes authorities overlook such breach of discipline. Even carrying baby in an office during duty period is liable to be interpreted as indiscipline.

    A mother has every right to take care of her baby but within the framework of the rules. Carrying a baby in a moving bus is further fraught with danger particularly when hands are required to be used for functions like issuing tickets etc. In case the child was sick, then lady should have taken leave to take care of the baby.

    One cannot do justice to the job while resorting to such type of multitasking. It is true that many working mothers face hardships in raising a baby. Recently the Government of India has taken an initiative to increase the paid maternity leave to six months besides a proposal to make provision for creche mandatory for the companies having at least 50 employees .

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    We need to analyse the entire situation how the lady bus - conductor was allowed to carry out two tasks simultaneously. There may be variable parameters- may be she has not been sanctioned leave despite her offspring being critically ill or the husband is away from home compelling her to take her kid along her shoulder. Our inference would not match with her present situation. All such issues need a critical examination before we spell out any comment.

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    I think, in Delhi it is perfectly feasible, although difficult. Here, the conductor remains in his/her seat and passengers come to the conductor to purchase tickets.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    You have said that you saw an image of a lady bus conductor issuing tickets with her baby on her shoulders. Was she standing or sitting in her seat? If it was an image, you can very well attach it here with a remark 'courtesy....(source) for the members to understand the situation.

    Please provide an evidence to your statement. It is something special to know.

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    I know many members would be thinking I am bluffing and sharing for points. Here is the image.
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    Mr. Mohan, nobody will think that you are bluffing and sharing for points. Its like comparing a bucket (the points you get from this thread) and an ocean (your total points).

    Initially (before seeing the photo), I thought that it would be impossible because of the crowd in the bus. As there is no crowd and the bus is almost empty, it is possible as in the photo. But still, it is hard to believe that all this is real. Is the photo taken by you? (No offence meant)

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    The bus would get crowded once it goes after some distance. Probably this photo was taken by some one when the passengers were less.
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    What I presume is - The lady conductor must have met one of her close relative with a baby girl. Out of sheer interest, she must have took the baby in hand and wished to possess her for sometime. As the bus was not crowded, it was possible for her to issue ticket to the passengers. The bus is not a city bus, It is a long distance bus where the conductor relaxes after issuing tickets. The bus appears to be stationary in a bus stand.
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    #576567 Author: Kailash Kumar written as (Recently the Government of India has taken an initiative to increase the paid maternity leave to six months besides a proposal to make provision for creche mandatory for the companies having at least 50 employees ) is true and valid. Apart from govt. it our duty also to take care of our kids.S uch lady should make some arrangement like looking for a nearby creche also keep her relatives with her. This the result of nuclear family in Indian society.

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    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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