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    Should India produce nuclear weapons to meet its requirement of strategic planning? and why?

    Development and deployment of Nuclear weapons is the pressing need of India. In the nuclear security Environment there are some key factors which determine the numbers, size and type of nuclear weapons. They are treat perceptions, size of border Geo strategic situation, capabilities of the adversaries economic dimension, Nations capability to build the nuclear weapons, Geopolitical factor. Analyzing all these and other factors India should possess minimum 400 Nuclear weapons. India has only 85 nuclear weapons and can produce 77 nuclear weapons per year. Should India produce nuclear weapons to meet its requirement of strategic planning?
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    An excellent thread! At the present juncture, strategically speaking, India is planning to be a regional super-power from military point of view. Militarily speaking, in the South Asian region, only China and Pakistan are nuclear-capable. The third and fourth country with nuclear capability nearest to the area are Israel and North Korea.

    So far as use of nuclear weapon is concerned, China has a well-defined nuclear doctrine but Pakistan doesn't. India does have a nuclear doctrine with 'no-first use' policy. So, India must prepare for effective second-strike capability from land, water and air. For acquiring effective second-strike capability in South Asean region in particular and entire Asia in general, the number of nuclear weapons available with the country is not adequate. So, India must augment its capability in this direction. At the same time, India must go on developing small and medium-range missiles in every category to address the threat.

    To address the nuclear threat from non-state actors, we must add low-yield, easy-to-deploy nuclear weapons in our arsenals. However, I feel India should not waste resources and time to develop ICBM at this stage.

    [This is entirely my personal view.]

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    Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction.
    India has not yet signed either the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) or the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). Thus India is the only country with nuclear weapons which is not a party to the NPT.
    India presently has Agni-I (short to medium range), Agni-II (medium range) and Agni-III (intermediate range) and Agni-IV ( intercontinental range) is under development.
    In my opinion, India should not produce more nuclear weapons either as part of the strategic planning or anything else. The massive funds required for such projects should be diverted for construction of more toilets to begin with.

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    It may sound Utopian and idealistic, but I agree with Mr Kailash that instead of funding nuclear weapon production, we should manage those funds for developmental projects instead. If nothing else, then we should spend that amount in producing defenses to protect ourselves from attacks rather than making weapons to attack others. A good offense is not necessarily the best defense.

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    Well without going to technicality and other aspects, as a lay man I am fully supporting the idea of India to produce more nuclear weapon to keep the dadagiri in this region under check. We know other big countries which are neighbors to India are now and then bracing and showing off their nuclear capabilities and why not India be ready with nuclear preparedness. By the way we have the know how, we are super power in the region and without nuclear war heads for future , it seems to be risky for India. When we want to assert over others, we must have befitting weapons to tame them.
    K Mohan
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    Mr.K Partha and K Mohan has expressed very good views on the topic. As other authors expressed different views and their emphasis is on toilet building. in general budget every heads has its allocation and that fund is to be expand on that head only.You are not allowed to divert the defense and DRDO expenditure. Nuclear power status provides war deterrence. Enemy will think ten times before attack. The threat from china and Pakistan is severe and the Geopolitical factor are not in our interest. As India's nuclear doctrine is 'no-first use' of nuclear weapons so we do not promote war and destruction, we want to safeguard our people and country.
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    During my school-days, I had to read about Ashoka, the great emperor. In the review, it was stated that Ashoka did many developmental work, but he neglected the military. As a result, the great Mauriyan empire declined after Ashoka.
    Same thing happened during the twelfth century. Indian rulers did many developmental work and they neglected their defence. Moreover, they were not united. As a result they were defeated by the Muslim invaders.
    We must learn the lessons from History. Otherwise......

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    I have recently written an article on the topic Nuclear war and Civil Defense measures. The article will tell you about the civil defense measures that we should take in case of a real life nuclear war. I too agree Mr. K Partha that we should not neglect defense.
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    #576625:Mr. Sharma, I have read your article although it is yet to be approved. As I have little bit understanding on the issue, I will post my comments once the article is approved.
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    Well, I believe that India should start producing nuclear weapons immediately. What if some country starts a war on us and we don't have required weapons? We have 85 nuclear weapons only. It takes at least 4 years to meet the requirements. If we are ready with our nuclear weapons, countries like Pakistan cannot even dare to attack us. As you said, nuclear power status provides war deterrence. By the way, I read your very informative article Mr. N K Sharma.

    #576614 : You are right Mr. Partha Kansabanik. Defense should never be neglected.

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