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    Is India growing absurdly intolerant?

    Today I saw the most bizarre news possible on TV. That a lawyer is filing for sedition charges against a woman who simply said Pakistan is not hell. Normally I would expect, that majority of people would simply ignore this lawyer for being a mentally off, attention hungry person. Surprisingly, what I find instead is that politicians are actually backing the action of the lawyer and targeting Ramya for being insensitive to Indians.
    Is this what it has come to? Are the citizens of our country so sensitive that they can't stand the praise (it wasn't even praise, it was just saying that the country is not hell) of any other country? Why is this sedition charge getting so much attention when it is so completely baseless.
    I would like to know if other members feel our country is going in the right direction right now.
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    People tries to avoid speaking over controversial topic and the topic raised here is among one such topics.
    But what I believe is the people who does such things and filing cases against such issues have nothing to do with sedition, praise or anything else they are just attention seeker or have intentions to get pollatical benifits by raising such matters. Peoples backing such things also have the same intentions of getting pollitical benifits and ttention seeking.
    And as media pays attention towards them they gets happy . Only thing that can be done for such attention seekers is avoiding them which will be most unbearable thing for then

    India has been and is among the most tolerant nations of the world.
    Peoples having such narrow thinking are not the people who defines the level of tolerance and intolerance of a country but those peoples who lives with peace, brotherhood and love despite having different ethnicity, relegion and thinking defines it.

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    Let me examine the issue from a different angle.
    Aren't we proving ourselves intolerant while we criticise/question the particular lawyer's right to file a sedition case against the particular film-actress? Why are we criticising the lawyer? If the case has no merit, the Court will dismiss it. Why are we condemning the lawyer even before the Court examines the case?

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    Here there is no question of intolerant or tolerant. The question is praising a country which created havoc in the past, creating uneasy calm in present situation. When there is nearly war like situation between India and Pakistan, what inspired Ramya to tell that Pakistan is not hell. May be she might be having some personal favor or need to live in that country but no one in this world would agree that Pakistan is good Nation. When every country is saying that India is on the right track to retaliate against the Pakistan for their past misdeeds , there cannot be clean chit from a unknown person.
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    Ramya had joined the Indian Youth Congress in 2011. She became the youngest Member of Parliament in India after winning a by-election in the year 2013 from Mandya constituency in Karnataka on congress ticket though she lost in the 2014 Indian General Election. Recently, she participated in the first SAARC Youth Parliamentarians Conference at Islamabad where she interacted with a number of Pakistani women. Based on her experiences during visit of Pakistan she had refuted Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar's remarks by saying that - 'Pakistan is a good country, not hell'.
    Let us not be impatient and see the reaction of court on 27.08.2016. In my opinion, the charges of sedition are too much.

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    I think it would be immature to assess the tolerance level of India with this single incident. Though I am yet to get a total picture of what Ramya has stated and the background, I personally do not think that her statement as such calls for a charge of sedition. We, as citizens of a democratic country, do have the right to express our opinions but, I do think, we must be cautious and must exercise restraint while making our thoughts loud in public. I don't think Ramya has said anything wrong so as to attract a penal provision and do agree that the Advocate and the interested parties in question might have registered the case for publicity but we need to take care, especially when you are a celebrity, while making statements.
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    @Neelam - I honestly didn't realize this is a controversial topic. However, I agree with your view that the best thing to do in such cases is to avoid giving attention to such people. Which is why I was surprised to see so much attention being given to it in the news.

    @Mr. Partha - Well you are absolutely correct that we don't have a right to criticize the lawyers right to file the petition. I don't criticize his "right" to do it either. I am only surprised that he has received backing from people in power rather than being ignored. I wonder what will happen if the accused decides to press defamation charges against them.

    @Mr. Mohan - I am lost for words to reply. All I can say is that I don't know if you are aware but general people (common men and women) make statements about fostering peace between both the countries all the time, even in the current climate. Such comments can often be found on many social media sites. They receive a lot of support as well. Would you suggest all those people who propagate peace be charged with sedition as well? Maybe I just live in the nice part of the internet.

    @Mr. Kailash - Thank you for providing the background of her visit in the light of which she made those comments. Her exact words were - "Pakistan is not hell. People there are just like us. They treated us very well."

    @Mr. Saji - I agree that it is not possible to judge the tolerance level with a single incident. However, I am finding the number of such incidences increasing in number in recent times, which is why I am worried where our country is headed.


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    "Not at all" is my confident reply to this thread's title. As far as TV bizarre news are concerned, this is not the first time we are going through such news.

    We must understand that specially this incident and the statement is all based on politics and it is always better that we should understand such kind of statements from our open mind than coming out open in public which can only worse the situation.

    As far as India and Pakistan is concern, I don't think we should go through the details of its history.

    I agree with Saji that we should not judge the country 's tolerant level just with one such incident. There are many worst incident in the past happened which I would not like to mention here, which says and prove that India is the most tolerant country.

    As I personally feel, we should not give much hype to such political motivated statement.

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    #576640: If a defamation suit is filed against the particular lawyer, it would be contested. However, with my very limited knowledge of law, I have great doubt whether a defamation case can stand before the eyes of law against a complainant filing sedition charge. However, it would be the Court to decide whether defamation stands, or not.
    Let us not bring tolerance/intolerance everywhere. When the lawyer has filed a case, let the Court decide. It is also not a sign of intolerance if some people supports the lawyer. Has the actress been threatened or abused by anybody?

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    Partha at #576650, a defamation case will stand in this case. If the statement by Ramya that Pakistan is not hell can amount to sedition, I fear we are going the wrong way. Tolerance should also include tolerating intolerance! I would prefer to share the apprehension expressed by Farheen in this regard.
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    Legally, nobody can be charged with sedition unless they commit violence, organise violence or incite imminent violence a per several rulings given by the Supreme Court of India.

    There are certain comments circulating in the internet resources that applying the yardstick used in the case of Ramya by the petitioner lawyer, even Mahatma Gandhi can be charged similarly.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #576655: Mr. Ganesh, sometime I also feel that a section of Indian people is becoming more and more intolerant. Only a few days ago, I gave two examples of such intolerance in the following thread:-
    Two sad cases of honour killing in modern-day India

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    As said by Mr. Saji Ganesh, we can't decide tolerance level with this one incident. Coming to the point, there are some people who will do anything to get into the news. The lawyer and the supporting political leaders belong to that category. Ramya didn't make any offensive comment. She didn't even praise Pakistan. Fling a sedition charge is just ridiculous. Now that they are successful in getting into the news, people must ignore them and stop giving them more attention. Then, the court will decide what happens next.

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