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    How Aim's change with Age?

    Every child grows with so many big dreams but while growing up these dreams begans to get smaller and smaller.
    Leaving some extraordinary children who have a focus from very begnning of their life or are brilliant, for a normal indian student As the age increases in Number, the ambition begans to decrease in terms of posts and levels.

    Ask a student studying in first or second standard he/she will tell you amazing things and imaginations and enthusiasm will be clearly visible on her/his face
    Ask him/her same question 10 years later reply will become causal and answer will be a very common thing.
    Ask the same question again after 7-8 yearswhen his/her rply will be dull and sometines answer will be "not yet decided" or "whatever job pays good and comfortable"
    Why these answers changes with various stages of life of a child?

    The day these replies becomes consistent throughout the life of that child and the enthusiasm of that student remains same that day will be the real sucess of Indian education system.
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    Children are innocent. They continue in the learning phase for many years to become able to give a sensible reply. I have seen school going children talking about becoming an astronaut or join NASA as career options. Many others talk about nothing less than a Ferrari. They live in a fantasy land, It is the duty of the parents to educate them about the ground realities. It should not be expected from children i.e. the individuals below 18 years to age to give realistic replies.

    Many children even after growing up expect the employers to behave as their uncles i.e. only going on paying handsome monthly salary without expecting any result in lieu of that.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In childhood our brains are completely blank; we don't know which is good and which is bad. What is most essential and which is not! We just simply see and follow others as they do so. In our childhood, we rarely meet to doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. so, our brain starts thinking about them as a people at higher position and want to be like them in our future. Later when we come in contact with teachers, professors, ministers, police officers, collectors, etc. we think to be like them. After completion of education when we analyse ourselves, we got to know the truth, and focus as per our score in exams and talent. The aim to be like in future vanishes slowly. And when we adopt a good job or profession, then as per the status and automatically some new aims arouse in our mind. Our mind is just like a small slat that changes according to our age and situation.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Very nice thread initiated by the author. While we are child below 5 years of age, we does not know the intricacies of life and thus say what ever the elders get amused. But when we go to the school and complete the studies up to 10th class we have the pinch of life getting to challenging position. Once we enter college or complete the degree or Engineering, then the real life comes to the fore. We try to feel the actual world with full of competition, no opportunity, we being less channelized and so forth. All these factors will discourage to reach the aims which we had during the childhood as we are in facing the reality of life.
    K Mohan
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    If you ask a child about his ambition, he will tell that he will become a very great person i.e. rich, popular, talented etc,. The children do that because they know that they will be happy if that aim is achieved but they don't know the hardship required to achieve that aim. In teenage, parents try to explain the reality to their children. But, the children won't understand. They know the reality a bit. So, their aim will be less when compared to what they said in childhood. After becoming an adult, we understand the reality by ourselves. I think this is the reason behind the change of aims in people.

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