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    Will creation of ministry of happiness make a difference?

    Venezuela was the first country in the world to create a 'Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness' way back in the year 2013. During those days the country had an inflation of about 50% and the people were suffering from chronic shortages of basic goods like staple foods. However, the country dropped from 20th happiest in the world in 2013, to 23rd happiest in the world in 2015.

    Later, a Ministry of Happiness was created in UAE in February 2016 and Ohood Khalfan Al Roumi was appointed as the first Minister of Happiness.

    Following the suit, a Ministry of Happiness was created in Madhya Pradesh, which is one of India's poorest and most rural states with a high suicide rate among farmers. The Ministry was supposed to be responsible for happiness and tolerance of its citizens and one of the announced functions was to rope in psychologists to counsel people on how to be always happy.

    Will creation of ministry of happiness make a difference?
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    If all the ministries of India government can perform their jobs well with devotion and dedication, we need not have a separate ministry for happiness. The duty of our government is to lead us to live happily with no worries.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Happiness is completely a stage of mindset. If it can be cured through a minister, I'm really getting surprised!

    We must know what could be their activities of the minister as other ministers' have? I don't understand the motive of appointing a minister instead of psychologists/doctors and mind healings through meditation and yoga; as stated in the sentence, 'he will rope in psychologists to counsel people how to be always happy'. People will automatically happy if they get food, shelter, dress and a good job/source of income. As said by Sun (#576606) when all ministers will perform good and focus on their duties without filling their pockets, then there is no need of a happiness minister.

    Naresh Kumar
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    For the first time, I am hearing the term 'minister of happiness'. What I feel is that the aim of the ministry of happiness is to tell people "adjust with what you have and do not try for more". If a minister is there to appoint psychologists to make people happy, it is obvious that people will be counseled to enjoy what they have. But, there won't be any use if a person wants to stay where he/she is and do not want to try for more. So, there will be a difference if a ministry of happiness is created but it won't be a positive one.

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    Why should there be a separate Ministry for Happiness. If local corporator, MLA, MP and even collector understand the basic problems of the people and mass , surely there cannot be any wanting from the normal persons. But our present political system is so selfish that soon after the elections, the voters are totally forgotten and the promise given during elections remain in paper. This gives rise to resentment and unrest among the public and the commotion starts. If the PM and CM understands the saga of the people, surely they would protect them from all walks of life. Otherwise there would be attacks and counter attacks from the aggrieved persons.
    K Mohan
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