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    When a knot can be removed then why should we use a scissor?

    When we come across a wonderful thought, it becomes imperative for us to share with others. I came across the above thought which is not only mind boggling but also gives a food for thought. Normally when a thread gets entangled with a knot or knots we wont have the patience to untangle them and instead prefer to cut the knot with scissors so that the thread gets liberated. This thought has many meaning and it all depends on how you take it. Citing this thought, I would request the esteemed members to come up with their creative writing.
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    There are certain knots that cannot be easily removed. Nuptial knot is one such knot (three knots) that cannot be and should not be removed. Generally, a lady takes interest to untie the knots to replace the thread when the nuptial thread goes bad due to wear and tear. Moreover, the lady would tie a turmeric in a fresh yellow thread, tie it on her neck, and then remove the old thread. This is done only by ladies (Dharma Padni) who are very faithful to their husband. They won't remain with a naked neck. At no cost they would cut the nuptial thread. Ladies going for a divorce would certainly use a scissor, knife or blade to cut the nuptial thread and throw it away onto the face of her past husband. When husband dies, the nuptial thread is cut with a knife. It is never untied.
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    In this topic, I can go for two types of imaginations.
    1. People who always choose easiest methods to access or achieve in their work, by saving their time. Here we can't say people are lazy as they go for shortcuts without trying and attempting to do so. I can say some people give value to their time than anything else. In modern ages, this is happening everywhere, in every company. They don't want to waste/lose their time at all.
    2. Second category people are those who don't want to waste the materials or any alterations in their job/work and they succeed at last. Such kinds of people are very practical and they never depend upon anybody, whatever they do they want to attain by their own only. They try till the end without thinking about the timings, any other losses, anyone's suggestions, failures, etc. They just focus in a point and achieves.

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    I should not make any comment on the issue. I am a novice in this regard and can't untie even simple knots. So, more often than not, I have to take the help of my wife or the scissors.
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    I find a curious analogy in the normal threads and the forum threads. The editors sometimes use their scissors to cut (delete) certain types of threads which involve violations of the policies and guidelines. In common types of threads also, many get entangled in controversial matters and all the participants in the discussion try to 'untie' the knot of the thread.

    A great poet of India, Rahim Das had said - 'never snap break a knot of love as it will never get tied again and even if it is somehow tied later, it will contain a knot for ever'.

    In medical procedures also sometimes surgical procedures are resorted to. In open heart surgery the chest is cut open and organs are repaired or transplanted. Sometimes we hear news about unscrupulous doctors using the scissors to steal the kidney of an unsuspecting patient to sell it.

    Pick pockets also said to use scissors though generally they use sharp edged blade more often.

    I have resorted to my creative writing as suggested by the author of tis thread. Let us see how it is taken by the fellow ISCians.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    My thought relative to the context:
    Suppose a normal thread i.e. with no knots represents two friends. If they had some quarrels, they may not talk with each other for sometime which means that there is an obstacle between them i.e. a knot. If the thread is cut, the friends get separated. If the knot of the thread is untied, the friends get united. So, untying the knot is better than cutting the thread. Similarly, some members may fight with each other in our forum threads. The fight is a knot. It would be better to clear the fight (untie the knot) instead of locking the thread (cutting the thread).

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