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    Do you mind your body weight and take care of the same?

    When we meet our near and dear one after a long gap, generally they offer their first comment about the weight. They remark that - 'oh, you have put on weight' or ' you have lost your weight' in the meantime.

    Why is it so? Do the weight of an individual matter so much? Is it directly linked to the happiness or otherwise of the individuals? Sometimes due to stress and strains of the long journey also people get tired and their face appears somewhat lusterless compared to what generally appears in the normal course.

    Maintaining body weight is very important from health point of view. It is the most visible parameter of the state of well-being and even an illiterate person can interpret the same.

    Do you mind your body weight and take care of the same?
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    People are very relaxing those who don't care about their body weight. Even they may go under any treatment and medication, don't care to doctor's advices.

    I've seen many a people are commenting when I tried to educate them for weight loss program and check their BMI, obese level, etc once a week at my wife's nutrition centre. They're saying they can afford anything for their health to the doctors, not a nutritionist or a dietician or a wellness coach. They'll spend a lot in medicines, but never go for walk, yoga and exercises.

    I've met a person in Hyderabad; he is at obese level 3 at the age of 65+ and always saying about a surgery clinic there. I always recommended him not to go for any surgery; as they will remove only waste water from your body, not the fats. But he didn't listen and attempted. The clinic charged around 60K and removed only 4.5 kg of waste water within 2 days, nothing more than that.

    Why I'm saying this is, people became very lazy and there is lack of awareness among them. They always feel better to go for doctors not a well wisher/adviser.

    Naresh Kumar
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    When we see a person, we can see the physical appearance but not the mental appearance. So, the first questions which comes in mind is weight. As I am fat, I know the consequences of it and I am trying my best to reduce my weight.

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    It is true that body weight matter very much now a day and it personally matters for me. I always try to make myself fit enough to live a long and healthy life and I think that we all should be fit because fitness will not only make us happy but it will make our family happy too because our family depends on us. And whenever anybody met us after a long time they first talks about our physical appearance because that's come first in the mind, and it is the strong topic which are discussed generally by everyone.
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    What I feel that whether we mind or not, we should certainly think on behalf of others to keep fit our body without over weight. The eating habits have wider effect on our personality. Some prefer to eat fast food items in the evenings before going to sleep even after taking a sizeable dinner. In the name of late evening walk, they end up at the chat bhandar and start eating all the junk foods especially the golgappa or the ball water. That is the main reason for putting weight and we cannot control the over weight that easily. So eating habits must be controlled and we must maintain our personality.
    K Mohan
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