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    Why some people behave like this

    Recently I have come across some people who are having some bad past experience in their life which was due to the negligence of their own understanding the situation. And now in this time they are well matured and happy but not able to sustain or we can say not able to enjoy the current situations and happiness because they are digging into past experience and feel sad.

    Why this happens to them, I strongly feel that still they are not yet matured enough in the life. Do you have any other points in your mind.
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    Yes! Some people never became matured in their life. They fight with their siblings, friends and spouse for silly matters. Even after knowing the reality, they never expose their imagination and ideas to others or depose the truths that are harmful for others. They're very ridiculous and act childishly. They always stick with their past and future dreams by forgetting the present situation. They'll be never happy in their life. They need more knowledge and assistant to develop in their life. I think their partners could do some better for them.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    All individuals are unique. They have their set of experiences. However, perhaps the more important factor is not the history, but how to react or respond to those situations.

    Many people are luckier to have good parents, good social environment and hence good upbringing. The children learn from their immediate social environment as to how to react to any given situation. In case they are able to understand well that many things are not within our own control , then their reaction is likely to be much different.

    Brooding over the past never pays. Rather it invariably harms. The wiser one generally forget the bitter experiences of the past and tread ahead nonchalantly.

    However, it is also important for others to not to be much concerned about such people until and unless they are their own kith and kin. We should mind our own business without attempting to become a social reformer to change the world including the negative attitude of people mentioned by the author.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is incorrect to consider a person who is sad due to a bad past experience & constantly delves on it as immature. In fact, the person will have become mature if today he is now happy & has been able to move on, thus coming out of that experience. It is just that the person may have been badly shaken up by it, so much so that he is just unable to remove it entirely from his mind's eye. It may even have left deep emotional scars and he perhaps wants to talk about it every now and then with a friend or family member just to get it off his chest. Sometimes sharing such experiences does relieve the emotional stress. Nothing immature in doing so.
    Managing Editor,

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    As the Author said "some people who are having some bad past experience in their life which was due to the negligence of their own understanding the situation" is not true. Some of the accidents/incidents are beyond our control and you can not blame people for that. The impact of these incidents on our personality is deep rooted.If the victim wants to forget the bad experience still the bad memories do not left you. It is not possible to become all the people happy. So let the people enjoy their life in their style.
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