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    Should Indians be proud as India is the 7th wealthiest country in the world?

    Should Indians be proud as India is one of the top 10 wealthiest countries in the world? As per the World Wealth Report, the U.S topped the list followed by China in 2nd position and Japan in 3rd position. India ranked ahead of Canada, Australia and Italy.

    As per the study, the wealthiest countries in the world were ranked as on June 2016 in terms of total individual wealth.

    What are your views on this?
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    I have always been amazed by the wealth of India. Despite being plundered by many invaders since ages, we are able to maintain our position among the wealthiest countries in the world. In the recently published report cited the author, India came ahead of countries like Canada, Australia and Italy, which came in at 8th, 9th and 10th positions, respectively.

    The top ten list is as follows -
    1. USA
    2. China
    3. Japan
    4 .United Kingdom
    5. Germany
    6. France
    7. India
    8. Canada
    9. Australia
    10. Italy

    In the study, wealth has been taken as the net assets of a person i.e. their assets like property, cash, equities, business interests minus their liabilities. It is said that one of reasons of the higher rank of the India is its population. The same is the case with the China. On per capita basis, the average Indian individual has net assets of approximately $4,200 i.e. Rs 2.81 lakh which is not a big deal. With this amount one can't even buy a house in any of the cities of India.

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    Wealth of the country is OKay. Feeling proud to be at number seven like in heaven. What about the poverty of the country? Where do we stand among the poverty- stricken countries of the world? Does our wealth and poverty go hand in hand or move in opposite directions?
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    In my opinion, there is no need to feel proud. There are persons who have thousands of crores and there are persons who doesn't even have thousand rupees. Average of 0 and 1000 crores is 500 crores and that doesn't mean both persons are happy with what they have. Our government should put some limit on the money, property etc,. a person can own. We can feel proud even if the average is just a $2000 but the poverty is reduced.

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