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    Every little girl can be an achiever

    This is for all parents, especially those with daughters. There's a champion hidden in these little souls – let them live and bloom! Encourage and stand by them in what they do. Believe in them. Give them opportunities so they don't remain in your shadow. Don't tie them down, let them grow, blossom and shine. They're not a burden, so don't dampen their spirit. They'll bring laurels to you, if you only let them.

    When my daughter was born, my tears of joy were misconstrued as tears of sorrow. Over the years we've been told that a son would complete the family. To all those, who wished for us to have a son, I said, it is not sons, but your children that complete you – irrespective of the sex they're born with.

    Today, I am proud to let the world know that my little girl is all set to pursue MBA at the University of Cambridge – one of the oldest and top-ranked universities in the world. Every little girl can be an achiever, if we let her.
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    Great news Juana! You have made an absolutely perfect statement that it is not a question of whether your child is a boy or a girl; it is all about allowing them to bloom with a little bit of protection and guidance. I wish your daughter all the best! May she live up to your dreams!
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    Though I have already congratulated Juana yesterday itself and wished my all the best to her daughter in a different forum, but I have to put in record my sincere appreciation of the parents and their daughter for this singular achievement.

    Those who know about ' MBA at the University of Cambridge' can very well appreciate as to what it means.

    I have always believed that it is the parents who shape the future of the children.

    Regarding the 'son or daughter' aspect only recently we have witnessed as to how we performed at the Olympics. The daughter won the medal and the son was banned for 4 years and debarred from participation in the Rio Olympics.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It's very true! As you said we must not consider whether he or she among children. Every child is a god gifted and one they'll create a new family. It's our prime duty and responsible to nurture them and provide good education and culture, so that the next generation shouldn't complain us about their parent's irresponsible or improper caring by us. I'm really happy and feel proud that your daughter got selected in University of Cambridge. I heartily wish her for a new journey and future.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Congratulations to Dominique and the proud parents too. Way to go girl! Wishing her all the best in her academic life at the University of Cambridge and may she enjoy the journey along the paths of success in her future too.
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    Wow! Heartiest congratulations to your daughter and your entire family for such a brilliant feat. Very happy for you :)

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    I do agree with the authoress Juana that there is hardly any point to rejoice on being the parent of a son. The most important aspect in this direction is the conducive environment essential for the nurture of the talents of the kids irrespective of their sexes. With the proper support to the kids, we can tap their inherent potentials and at the later stage, they shine in their fields because of their inbuilt confidence.
    Both you and your daughter deserve congratulations on her grand success making her eligible to persue the Management - degree from the university of Cambridge. This would not have been possible without your encouragement and guidance.

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    Congratulations to the daughter of Mrs. Juana for this great achievement. I wish her success in her life.

    As far as preference regarding male child or female child is concerned, I don't bother. The baby is the gift of the God, and we must accept the gift. Nowadays, girls are entering every field competing with the boys and in most of the cases, they are occupying the top positions. So far as care of old parents is concerned, nowadays parents should not expect much from their children, be it male child or female child. Of course, this is my personal view.

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    Congratulation Juana ! yes, you are right, the things which girls can do nobody can do. And now a day we usually get the news from the news channel talking and discussing about the achievement which girls are achieving now a day in each different sphere whether it is in sport or in education. My mother always taught me that, a son is a son until he gets a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life. And personally I don't discriminate between girl and boy. Girl child is the best gift which ones get in her/his life.
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    Glad to know that your daughter has done well and congratulations to you being a proud mother. Truly such are the finest moments in life as we are still living in a society where the parents of a daughter are still considered as poor and unfortunate. The boys won't care for parents, yet many will crave for a son!

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    Congrats Juana. Very great. Indeed ISC is proud of having a member who has a girl at the University of Cambridge. My best wishes to your daughter for successful completion of her MBA. I too have a girl child who is an achiever, and I am proud of her.
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    Sincere thanks to everyone who has wished my daughter well. I hope people see her, as an example, of what daughters can achieve.
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    Wow! What a great news that your daughter will be pursuing education in Cambridge University. Nothing can be more beautiful than that. I wish her success in all her future endeavours. Boy or girl, it hardly matters in the modern world. It's not fair to discriminate between them. Even though I have a son, I would have been equally happy, had my child been a daughter. I hope a day comes, when each and everyone of us starts respecting our daughters.
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    This thread once again proves that daughters can make the difference and bring glory and fame to the family with their sincere and dedicated studies. My best wishes to your daughter for her further studies at Cambridge.
    K Mohan
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