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    MNC culture: Is it a boon or a bane to the Indian Society?

    Multi-National companies are ruling the entire nation. MNCs have provided a wide range of job opportunities to the Indians. Because of the MNCs, the standard of living of the Indians has been increased in terms of money and rich outlook. Though MNCs satisfies the need of the Indians in terms of monetary benefits, the MNC culture has an impact on the Indian culture. The work culture of the MNC companies is very different when compared to the Indian companies. After the arrival of MNCs, the master minds of the Indians are working for foreign nations round the clock. Because of the night shifts and rotational shifts in the companies, lot of diseases are affecting the people. Moreover the Indians have changed their eating habits and dressing style. Nowadays lot of pub and party culture is seen more in India. The western culture is dominating the Indian traditional culture and the rich values of India are slowly diminishing.

    What is your opinion on MNC culture in India? Is it a boon or a bane to the Indian Society?
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    Initially, after the invention of aeroplanes, jets, communication systems and later after the advent of the internet, the Indian philosophy of ' Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' (the world is one family) has prevailed. The globalisation has shrunk the world. The dividing distinctive lines of cultures have blurred and then almost vanished.

    Therefore only MNCs are not to be signalled out. Even in the Indian corporates, modern work culture has penetrated. The shift systems prevail in the Indian companies also which provide 24X7 services. The companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies and Mindtree are Indian companies only but they also have to adopt the modern work culture to compete at global level.

    Even before the modern pub and party culture, there were desi liquor shops and dance bars in Mumbai like cities and prior to that there were 'Madhu Shalas' and 'Vaishali ki Nagarvadhus'. Thus we cannot just blame the MNC and so called MNC culture.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    India is a vast country with more than 1.3 billion population. MNC culture has affected only the metropolis and the rich. It has not penetrated into the small cities, towns and villages of India. So. I won't say that MNC culture has affected Indias culture. It is neither a boon or a bane to Indian society. We Indians remain good Indians forever.
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    Well when we want to enjoy some thing, we have to forgo many things. That is the nature. Same is applicable here. In the garb of having a good MNC job, our people are slowly drifting away from our culture and embracing the foreign culture and style. Even they are not participating in the festival functions citing reasons that they have important work in the office. And those who opt for work from home method on that day, they wont get up from the computer and thus their presence is immaterial for the house holds. I am seeing lots of change in behavior of those who are working in MNC's
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