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    What is your reaction when you hear or see the overaction of somebody as if they know everything?

    We see many people in a day during our outing. We see some people act extraneously as if they know everything. When I travel in a bus today, the bus was halting in a particular junction of the road for a car which got stuck on the road. This was noticed by the bus driver and he waited for the car removed to side. One person who was standing by my side, commented about the driver as if the driver wasted the time by halting in the main road and he was talking on and on. This was irritated many standing persons before him but the people behind him as they do not know the fact, supported this persons saying and is further irritated others. Similar people we are seeing daily and what must be your reaction in such situations?
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    Yes this kind of situation always happen around us and certainly those who know the facts get irritated with the over reaction of some persons. The other day the drinking water to our colony was delayed by one day due to laying of sewerage line across the same and the drinking water pipe has to be protected from dirty water entering from any where of drainage line. This I know and agreed to the water department alert. But our neighbors were not aware of this and started abusing the line man for not allowing water to our colony. Annoyed over the filthy language used by my neighbor, my self and the line man retaliated. This spread as a pro lineman attitude of mine and other colony people are also against me. When I shown them the reality , then every one was shocked and abused my neighbor. So what I mean to say we must have patience and before abusing anyone ascertain the facts.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The society consists of many types of individuals. All of them are unique. They have varied social, economic and educational backgrounds and are raised in different environment. They behave according to their background and upbringing.

    The situation narrated by the author generally arises due to their impatience. Either they are impatience for reaching their destination or simply have a habit of talking even if that is neither required nor warranted. They don't realise that we have to be accommodative and adjust ourselves to the given situation. We cannot control the world to move it according to our wishes and desires.

    However, we too cannot control the world and have to adjust with such people also. The best policy may be to accept that there will always be such people in the society and almost nothing can be done to improve the situation. Thus perhaps it is best to ignore such persons and mind our own business without getting too much perturbed about the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, we can't do anything but scold them in mind. Such persons can be frequently found in the society. My reaction to such people would be cinematic. I just imagine fighting with that person and winning in it. This helps me to lose my anger.

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