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    This is for ladies: When the bangle seems to be tight what you will do wear it right.

    Bangle is the most preferred ornament for the ladies. Whether it is gold. silver , bronze or even glass bangles, the size of the hand wont fit and for some it would be either loose nor it wont enter the hands at all. But there is a way to wear a bangle when it wont enter the hand by manual trying. Wear a polythene cover and then try to insert the bangle in to the hand on the cover and the bangle shall smooth down to the wrist of the hand and you can take out the polythene cover without any problem. I would like to have the response from the lady members of this great site on this.
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    Why search for a polythene cover when we all have toilet soap readily available at our home. Just apply little soap, insert the bangle and push it. Or apply little oil to get some lubrication. The same is followed when ladies want their bangles to be removed.
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    Using toilet soap is the old method and some may not like it due to hygienic aspect.
    K Mohan
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    What Mr. Mohan! The soap itself an item to maintain hygiene. Your method will work in the bangle shop where soap may not be available. Again it is unhygienic to use one polyethene cover for too many hands. The shop keeper should stock up the polyethene covers to meet the purpose.
    @Please understand that God has created the ladies hand in such a way that it is flexible and twistable for the easy wearing of tight bangles.

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    Soap needs water to wash the hands before and after putting the bangles. But polythene covers does not need any water. Surely not every women would need the cover as some bangles or the other would get fit naturally.
    K Mohan
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    The use of polyethene bags for wearing tight bangles is shared on the wiki How with pictorial description. Therefore those interest may refer the said resource for understanding the process more clearly.

    However, squeezing the hand is the traditional method of wearing bangles since ages in India. Generally, the gold bangles are costlier, therefore tight bangles are worn as the looser one are likely to come off and may result in a loss.

    Application of soap or other water based lotions or lubricants is also a common method for wearing tight bangles. Also, many varieties of folding bangles are available which can be worn easily without much hassles of application of lubricants etc.

    Wearing glass bangles is particularly tricky and requires care as it may hurt and cause bruises also on the hand. The traditional bangle sellers used to be very dextrous in squeezing the hands for letting the tight bangles move smoothly.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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