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    Any special way of celebrating Gokulashtami in your region / home?

    Hindus across the world will be celebrating Sri Krishnaashtami / Janmaashtami / Gokulaashtami tomorrow i.e on the 'ashtami' (eighth) day after the full moon in the auspicious Hindu month of Sravanam.

    The festival is celebrated in different ways in different regions. Many organizers organize Krishna costume competition for small children. In many regions, there is community celebration of 'breaking the earthen pot (i.e handi) filled with butter or yogurt' which is enjoyed the most by all alike.

    Is there any special way of celebrating the festival in your region or home which is worth sharing?
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    In my city Lucknow, many people create and decorate a 'scenery' locally described as 'jhanki' at their home in which static as well as mobile models are used to portray certain important contemporary or historical event which may or may not be directly related to the story of God Krishna.

    The nearest English language word for 'jhanki' may be 'tableau' as we see during the Republic Day parade. However, the 'jhanki' is enacted privately by the individuals at their home and they throw it open for the devotees of the neighborhood to visit the same in the evening and have 'darshan' and 'prasad'. Such 'jhanki' remain open for about a week.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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