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    Love at fourth sight, not at first.

    Love at first sight is a common saying in English and in Hindi, it is 'pehli nazar me pyar'. However now the verdict became wrong as per a research done at Hamilton college at New York.

    The researchers observed for a long time and come to a decision as love at first sight is completely wrong nowadays. Love making takes very slow process and it could be around after fourth meeting only.

    I am fully agreed with this research as love is not so easy and common to be form at first sight. It needs several meetings, discussions, interaction and then love could be by chance.

    What you say on this research about love?
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    I wont agree with the new findings. When a person meets a new person of opposite sex surely a emotional feeling from inside would erupt and that happens at the first sight. One more thing if the person likes other person only he or she shall often meet. So first meeting is important and decisive and other meetings are just a way of excuse to cherish the first meeting. By the way the author must know that we wont fall in love with all whom we meet first. There is liking, acceptance, towing same ideas and above all wave length of two people must match and that should comply with all expectations.
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    Love at first sight may not be correct. I agree that it could be at the fourth sight. But I believe in 'First touch is the best touch of love". The first touch gives an unforgettable shock in love and it can never be forgotten in life.
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    The scientific studies were carried out by Ravi Thiruchselvam, a psychologist at Hamilton College. The participants were asked to rank the attractiveness of people shown to them in photos while their brains were wired to the monitors. The ratings of the participants were higher when the photographs were shown the second time and the highest on the fourth occasion. It was found that even if there is no initial attraction, the people find themselves drawn to each other after multiple interactions.

    As far as, the love at first sight, is concerned that is perhaps slightly different from the subject matter of the scientific studies carried out by the scientist. Rating attractiveness by observing photographs in a laboratory is likely to have a different impact that physically meeting a live and lively individual in person.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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