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    Rocket science questions

    i want to study rocket science in iit till research level and currently i am in class 9th and my maths is weak so does this drawback will effect me later in pursuing rocket science as a career
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    Yes, a very strong background is a must for studies in the field of rocket science. Since the author is presently studying in class IX, more than 3 years are still available before clearing the 10+2 level only after which competitive examinations like JEE will have to be cleared. In case the author is serious enough, then the available time is sufficient to understand the fundamentals of the mathematics.

    Mathematics is not a rocket science i.e. very difficult to understand provided firm commitment, dedication and determination is available. The time frame of more than 3 years is sufficient to start the studies from scratch. If necessary, the textbooks of all the previous classes may be purchased and at least 2 hours daily should be devoted in studying mathematics separately in addition to the normal studies of the class IX course. Such extra time can always be spared by cutting time spent in other activities.

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    Generally speaking rocket science is about physics and maths. If you are weak at maths I fear then going for rocket science subject may be difficult. Moreover you are in just 9th standard. Do give importance to your study now and improve upon the above subjects so that in future surely you can go for your dream career.
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    Rocket Science draws on math and science principles to explain to ... their understanding of how rockets work by answering questions during process

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    Rocket science is a very difficult zone to enter, one must have a strong knowledge background on maths and physics. If one don't have a strong math preparation then it would be very difficult for that person to get rocket science. I would suggest the author to prepare for his current examination as he is in class 9 only, so he should concentrate on present rather on concentrating of future which is far away.
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    It is an most difficult zone to be choose and then work on it in a simple manner to choose it before to choose the regional states from it to be done and work then do learninig

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