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    Share some easy kitchen tips here

    I just want to share some easy and common kitchen tips here, hope it will give some additional knowledge to the homemakers.
    1. To make a crispy Dosa, add a little sugar or fenugreek in that.
    2. Adding sago in urad dal (black lentils) helps forming smooth idli.
    3. Add a small spoon of oil and water with atta and keep covered for fifteen minutes; the roti will be very smooth. Instead of oil and water you can add milk for smoothness.
    4. Never add tamarind and lemon with green leaves; you'll loss all the nutrition elements from that.
    5. Before frying papad, chips, pakode, puri, etc add some salt in the oil. It helps less consumption of oil.
    6. Fish can be stored fresh in fridge by applying salt, haldi and vinegar on it.

    Members can add some masala here with your tricky tips about kitchen.
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    I am sharing herewith some very basic kitchen tips primarily aimed at saving energy -
    1. Keep pans covered as much as possible as keeping the cover open results in more heat loss.
    2. Turn off the burner a few minutes earlier when boiling foods such as pasta, potatoes and eggs etc. the hot water continue to boil the food.
    3. Use the minimum amount of water for boiling food as extra water consumes more energy.
    4. Use a pressure cooker to save energy and reduce cooking time.
    5. Cut the vegetables into smaller pieces to save energy and to reduce cooking time.
    6. Keep the food outside refrigerator to bring it to normal temperature before putting the same in the microwave for heating.
    7. Keep the door of the refrigerator in the open position for minimum duration possible.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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