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    How do you see the proposed bill to ban commercial surrogacy in India?

    Commercial surrogacy was made unlawful in India w.e.f. November 4, 2015.

    More than 2,000 surrogacy clinics were running in India and over the past decade many couples from foreign countries desperate for a biological child used to visit India for the purpose as the laws were not clear about the same.

    The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016, has proposed to prohibit commercial surrogacy and allows only ethical surrogacy to needy infertile couples.

    Some of the salient features of the proposed bill are as follows -
    1. The foreigners are prohibited from commissioning surrogacy in the country .
    2. Only legally wedded Indian couples can have kids through surrogacy. Unmarried couples, homosexual couples, single parents and live-in couples are barred.
    3. A complete ban on commercial surrogacy i.e. the expecting parents will pay for the medical procedure and not the surrogate mothers.

    How do you see the proposed bill to ban commercial surrogacy in India?
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    Well the government intention to block the foreigners visits to India in connection with surrogacy method of having a child is welcome but what i fear that already 2000 unlawful clinics exists across the country which are known to the government. I feel the figure would be more as doctors are operating clandestinely without knowing to the law enforcing agency. The government must ensure the participation of IMA in this regard and see that all the illegal surrogacy clinics are put under scanner and their daily routines are recorded in camera. Then only such illegal activities can be prevented.
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    In my personal opinion, the Surrogacy Bill is good in some parts. Banning commercial surrogacy is good but no one comes forward without any benefit to them. Banning the Gay couples and foreigners is a good move as it creates many problems to the babies born due surrogacy. The single people may be allowed to surrogate babies. It is a contract between two consenting adults. Some people may not like to get into the hassles of wedlock and may prefer to have children through surrogacy.
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    The government of India has done a very good job by approving it yesterday by cabinet. It may take effect from next year onward.After the 10 months, passing this bill by the parliament it will come into force. it put complete ban on commercial surrogacy and allowed the domestic surrogacy within close relatives that to without any monetary benefit to surrogate mother. the legal and the social rights of the child will be same as biological child. there are so many conditions imposed in this bill to safeguard the future of child and the Indian society. please correct There are more than 3,000 surrogacy clinics are running in India.
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    To be candid, I could not fully comprehend the difference between the commercial surrogacy and non-commercial surrogacy. Will any learned ISCian care to elucidate the same so as to enable me to understand the proposed law properly.
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    1. Commercial surrogacy - The couple pays the surrogate a fixed amount before the start of surrogacy in addition to any additional costs required for the care of the mother and medical needs during the pregnancy period. It also includes the medical costs of the delivery itself.

    2. Non-commercial surrogacy - The couple only pay the final hospital charges when delivery is done.

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