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    Members having lengthy profile name should reduce it to a good small size

    I find many members having a very lengthy profile name (two or three)that occupies more than one line in the index page. It looks awkward too. Why not the members who have very lengthy name cut it short to a single name. It is not going to make any much difference to the members, or the ISC,or other members.

    The exact name is required only in your address where it should match your bank address to facilitate transfer of sum earned from ISC.

    Supposing the name is - Man Mohan Singh . It can be either 'Manmohan' or 'M Mohan' or 'Mohan' or 'MM Singh'
    Supposing the name is - Subramaniyam Swamy. It can be 'Subramanyam' or' S Swamy' or 'Swamy'

    Will the members having lengthy names cut short their name after reading this thread?

    Your good comments, please.
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    The suggestion is good though indicating profile name is the discretion of the members only. Otherwise members would address the member taking a part from it.

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    Yes I am also agreeing with the author that those who have long name can always make it short so that mentioning their name elsewhere would be easy. This should not be taken as offending.
    K Mohan
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    @ Sun
    How to change the name?

    With regards

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I don't support the proposal. This is totally at the discretion of the Members. It may create many difficulties also. Suppose, I start using my name 'Partha' in my profile. Then another 'Partha' joins and he also starts using his name in the profile. Then how do the other Members differentiate? I have already noted and got confused that another 'vandana' has been a Member of ISC and she sometime comes online. Fortunately she writes her name with small 'v'.
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    The profile names should neither be too lengthy nor too short also. Personally, I don't find any reason for being too creative in inventing a very complicated profile name. Instead, the authors should demonstrate their inventive and creative talent in their contents.

    On social media sites, there may be logic in being secretive in selecting a pseudo name as a profile name but on the educational websites like ISC, I don't see any harm in using the real name as the profile name.

    Also, perhaps the profile names registered by the members long back but remaining totally inactive may be purged to release those profile names to be chosen by the new members.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree that there would be confusion if another member joins with the same name.
    For e.g. Partha can be Partha.K.
    Jagdish Patro can be either J Patro or Jagdish P .
    KVRaghav Rao can be either KVR Rao or KVRaghav or Raghav Rao
    Kailash Kumar can be either Kailash or K Kumar.

    @ Mr. KVRaghav Rao. You can change your profile name by getting into Dash board > Edit profile> Name (Rewrite)>Submit

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    To #576732 Author: K.V.Raghava Rao sir you can write your name as KVR Rao. it will be short and other will be at ease.
    To #576735 Author: Partha Kansabanik sir you can write your name as K Partha.
    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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    I'm proud to be a member of India study channel and my profile in ISC is an impression and credit for me in social media. Though I am a member of ISC since 2011 and a consistent writer with Gold level, 100+ articles, 10,000+ points with some awards how could I write my name in short?
    You can check all the online writers, journalists, content writers from top websites where their profile appears with full name only.
    Infact there is an importance of mentioning full name, original profile photo, address details etc that helps tuning with Google AdSense and other third party ad agencies.
    Mentioning real name or full name is always a good practice.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    'Naresh Kumar Behera' has two names. Naresh Kumar is your christened name and Behra could be your family name or the caste/community you belong. I know, your family and friends may not address you as Naresh Kumar or Naresh Kumar Behra or just Behera. I am sure, they would address you simply 'Naresh' only. Hence, in ISC too, that short name would suffice. If not simple Naresh, BK Naresh/KB Naresh would do good.

    Our Father of the Nation Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is always addressed as Mr. Gandhi or MK Gandhi.

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    Hope members won't mind.
    There are good short 3 letter spellable attractive fancy names hidden in a members name.
    Let us take the following members and their ideal short English names. (No offence meant. Feel it as fun, please)
    Jagdish Patro - Mr. Pat
    Kailash Kumar - Mr. Kai (or) Mr. Ash
    KV Raghav Rao - Mr. Rag
    Partha - Mr. Par/Mr. Art
    NK Sharma - Mr. Sha/Mr. Arm
    K Mohan - Mr. Han
    Naresh Kumar Behera - Mr. Era/Mr. Kum
    Tony John - Mr. Ton/Mr. Joh
    Saji Ganesh - Mr.Aji/Mr. Gan
    Venkiteswaran - Mr. Kit/Mr. War/Mr. Ran
    Kalyani - Ms. Kal/Ms. Ani
    Vandana - Ms.Van/Ms.Dan/Ms. Ana
    Timmappa Kamat - Mr. Tim/Mr. Map/Mr. Mat

    I am sure, these short names will never get duplicated by other members to create confusion.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I totally object to the dissection of my beautiful name into bits and pieces! I have a lovely name with a beautiful meaning to it and it is my valuable identity. I will not like to have it chopped up as per your absurd suggestion - it is not fun at all let me tell you.

    Also, you forget one very important aspect: For Google AdSense, members may prefer to have their full length name appearing as their profile names here to exactly match the name which appears in their Google AdSense account application.

    So let's leave it to the members, shall we, to decide on how they want their names to appear at their profile page here. It may appear awkward to you, but not to themselves.

    Managing Editor,

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    Sorry, If my suggestion has hurt your good feelings as an absurd one. Now you made it clear about the connection between Goggle Adsense and our names. One should have his/her real name in Google Adsense application form. But a profile name can be funny or fancy.
    @ I wish to say that I never faced any Google Adsense problem with my profile name as 'Sun'. My original beautiful name is Meenakshi SUNdaram. I use the names -Meen (Fish in Tamil) Meena, Sun, Sundar, Daram and Ram as convenient. SUN from Sundaram is very beautiful at ISC.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    With no offence meant to the thread author, I would wish to state that it should be the decision left to the concerned member whether he or she wants to shorten the profile name.

    As for me, I would not change the profile name because all over the social circles I am known by the name Timmappa Kamat. It would be much needed to maintain my identity across my contacts. The names may look longer to you or other members, but it remains their unique identity and let it remain so.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Very pleased to see Mr. KV Raghav Rao changing his profile name to 'Raghu' . You honoured my suggestion and request. Congrats Mr. Raghu. The name looks good and also sounds good. Raghu can be Sun and also the one graha among the nine grahas. Well done.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    #576757 @Sun:

    Sorry to say, I was caught in your web by giving an early bird response to your thread via mobile without properly understanding your intentions behind such a post. Don't take things to ride when your garner some support in any means and you have stooped down to such a level to heckle at the good names by tearing the names into pieces as you wish. By resorting to that you have heckled the name of 'fun' and don't try to act very smart when you are interacting with people online which reflects one's mean minded mentality.

    You may say that I had initially endorsed your view. Yes, it is applicable when 'Raja Rajasekhar Veer Pandyan' can shorten his profile name as Veer Pandyan or Raja Rajasekhar'. It is not my support to tear 'Pandyan' as 'Pan' and 'Dyan'. Don't come up with such silly ideas and become aloof in a social circle.


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