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    How to increase chances of winning Olympic medals?

    Though presently we are busy in rejoicing the two medals won by daughters of India, but soon the euphoria is going to be over and we have to come back to the ground realities to introspect and retrospect as to what to do to increase the possibility of winning more medals in the future Olympics.

    Perhaps in-depth research for understanding as to how the human body functions while performing various tasks during sports activities and the body of the sportsperson will have to be developed accordingly since early childhood. That means the talent will have to be spotted before the potential player reaches say 5 years of age and beginning since then proper care of the development of their bodies will have to be taken besides imparting training in the skills of the game.

    Once the body gets fully developed, nothing much can be done to modify the same except resorting to cheating tactics like taking steroids or other banned drugs which lead to bans and debarring from the games.

    What are your comments regarding the subject matter?
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    If a sport is made mandatory for every student in every school, talented athletes can be identified at a young age itself. If they are trained from that age, they are sure to win a medal in Olympics etc,. The population of USA is about 32 crores whereas the population of India is about 132 crores. But, USA won 121 medals and we won only 2 medals. This wouldn't have happened if a method similar to what I said is followed.

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    Countries like China and Japan train their kids viorously from a very tender age to help them develop their bodies and stamina using intensive workouts,training camps,olympic training , optometric and whatnot to develop the spirit of winning .Training is required from this small age to make them winners of tomorrow.Thr problem in India is that parents so not push th to that level in sports when compared to studies as they don't believe sport is a rich career prospect.
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    Well what I think is that if our country Politics are little bent down to the real talent who can do good and not only good but who can really win medals in the Olympics, then I think that our real participants will be different from the present and I am very much sure that they will do good for the country in the near future, why I thinks all these because we all know that our real talented sport person are got hidden in the politics sphere and are never seen in the spotlight.
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    I sometimes wonder if the selections of sportspersons are totally free of caste, creed, gender etc. like factors.
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    We need a detailed sports policy in India to improve the sports and develop the talents.

    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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